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Understanding Cybersecurity Fundamentals

What is cybersecurity? Learn about key cybersecurity fundamentals, terms & topics, and understand why they matter in your fight against cyber threats.

FAQ - Don’t get lost in the abbreviations

What separates MDR from DFIR from XDR from MXDR? Get answers to these questions as well as insights on the important cybersecurity terms and topics you need to know to protect your business against cyberattacks.

Putting confusing abbreviations aside, eSentire prioritizes the security outcomes that will put your business ahead of disruption. Our Multi-Signal MDR provides advanced detection, 24/7 threat hunting, end-to-end coverage & most of all complete response. Our portfolio of Digital Forensics and Incident Response services readies you with the world’s fastest threat suppression if you are faced with a security incident or breach, and our Exposure Management Services help you take control of cyber risk by identifying and addressing cybersecurity program gaps.