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Outsource MDR to Prevent Business Disruption

Security leaders are tasked with defending against increasingly complex cyber threats while streamlining their budgets and consolidating their security tools to be more cost-effective. Outsourcing MDR to eSentire helps you build cyber resilience and prevent business disruption with 24/7 threat detection and containment, by acting as an extension of your team, to provide complete response.


Outsourcing the Right Security Capabilities to Build Cyber Resilience

Cybercriminals are continually leveraging more complex tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to launch cyberattacks to deploy ransomware and other malware. Unfortunately, many organizations are also challenged with the cost of hiring, training, and retaining the highly skilled cybersecurity talent required to stop and eliminate critical cyber threats.

Complicating matters further, given the current macroeconomic climate, security leaders are struggling to make the correct cybersecurity investments needed to put their businesses ahead of disruption.

The reality is that no organization today can afford to be impacted by a cyberattack. As a result, investing in cost-effective cybersecurity services from a provider with the right capabilities, who can also leverage your existing security investments with flexible Bring Your Own License (BYOL) options, will be crucial to maximizing ROI while maintaining a strong cybersecurity posture.

Therefore, instead of throwing money at more point solutions that add to burnout, increase alert fatigue, and require more in-house staffing, we recommend focusing on making investments in the four instrumental areas that will address the biggest areas of cyber risk:

Capability #1

The ability to detect threats in real-time

Capability #2

The ability to investigate cyber threats effectively

Capability #3

Prioritizing fast, 24/7 response to cyber threats

Capability #4

Shifting to a risk-based approach to build cyber resilience

When combined together effectively, these security capabilities are the four foundational elements of a true Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service offering. By outsourcing these capabilities to an MDR provider, your in-house team will be better equipped to identify critical cyber threats in real-time, eliminate the risk of a cyberattack, and build resilience.

MDR Outsourcing: The Answer to Addressing the Global Cybersecurity Talent Shortage

Now more than ever, you need to ensure your organization has the 24/7 threat detection, investigation, and response capabilities needed to build cyber resilience, reduce operational downtime, and prevent revenue disruption for your business. However, a constrained budget and lack of skilled cybersecurity staff have made it difficult for security leaders to undertake these capabilities in-house.

According to the latest research by Cybersecurity Ventures, there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs through 2025. This can be daunting for security leaders who are already struggling with retaining their staff amidst decreasing budgets and growing responsibilities.

Rather than overburdening your IT team to take on additional security responsibilities – which can undoubtedly distract them from focusing on their core competencies – you may choose to outsource MDR capabilities to an external provider, who will not only conduct 24/7 threat detection and containment but will also act as an extension of your team to provide complete response – on your behalf.

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2023 Official Cybersecurity Jobs Report


How eSentire MDR Enables Security Leaders to Do More With Less

Armed with unique intelligence and the world’s most complete threat response capability, our Threat Response Unit, Elite Threat Hunters and 24/7 SOC Cyber Analysts are personally dedicated to protecting you and closing down threats with potential to disrupt your business.

Full Threat Visibility & Investigation

24/7 Threat Hunting & Disruption

eSentire XDR Platform

Rapid, Robust Response

Original Threat Intelligence


Full Threat Visibility & Investigation


See the complete picture of your attack surface with multi-signal intelligence enabling deeper correlation and investigation capabilities, proven to contain threats faster.


24/7 Threat Hunting & Disruption


Be confident you’re continuously protected by our SOC Cyber Analysts and Elite Threat Hunters who rapidly investigate, contain and close down threats when an automated response isn’t possible.


eSentire XDR Platform


Stay ahead of new and emerging threats with high fidelity detection and automated real-time threat disruption powered by unique intelligence from across our global customer community.


Rapid, Robust Response


See even the most advanced threats disrupted, isolated, and stopped with a Mean Time to Contain of less than 15 minutes. We detect in seconds and contain in minutes, so your business is never disrupted.


Original Threat Intelligence


Add world-class threat researchers to your team to hunt the most advanced undetected threats. Our Threat Response Unit (TRU) delivers original research, curates threat intelligence and builds new detection models to ensure you stay ahead of attackers.

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From MSSP to MDR: Why Your Next RFP Should Be for Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Download the full guide to learn about the limitations of engaging a legacy MSSP, how multi-signal MDR enables your in-house security team to become cyber resilient, and why your MSSP RFP should be for MDR instead.


How Security Leaders Can Make the Business Case for MDR Outsourcing

Given the macroeconomic climate, security leaders are constantly tasked to do more with less. They are being asked to take on more responsibility and protect their organizations against increasing cyber threats while balancing evolving regulatory frameworks and third-party vendor risk management. They expect more scrutiny on spending and will need to make a stronger case for investments and demonstrate value.

Therefore, the best way for security leaders to manage increased cyber risk and make the case for MDR is to tie cyber risk and business risk together.

To get the cybersecurity investment needed for true 24/7 threat detection, investigation, and response capabilities, security leaders must learn to speak the language of their CFOs and align on what business disruption means to your organization from a dollars and cents perspective.


Present cyber risk as a business risk.


Transition to cyber resilience as an outcome.


Learn to speak the same language.


Offer multiple options to avoid presenting an all-or-nothing scenario.


Align on outcome-oriented metrics and KPIs to measure success.

Security Leaders Count on eSentire

A logo of eSentire’s customer, M&C Saatchi, placed alongside with a testimonial from the company’s Chief Information Officer, who describes how eSentire stands out from other MDR service providers.
We have been leveraging the Atlas platform for some time now and were pleased to see how easy it was to add endpoint protection to the suite of services we receive through the platform. It required very little work from our IT team and provides an additional layer of peace of mind in today’s uncertain environment."
Neil Waugh
Chief Information Officer | M&C Saatchi
A logo of HKS Architects, who leverage eSentire SOC-as-a-Service and the expertise 24/7 SOC Team to defend against cyber threats.
Every time we call the eSentire SOC, we get a true security analyst on the first touch to walk us through our incidents clearly and efficiently. No other provider delivers such personalized service and expertise. Leveraging the eSentire Atlas platform, in conjunction with access to their sophisticated threat intelligence team, we have been able to cut our incident time to resolution in half."
Michael Smith
Vice President, Director of Information Technology | HKS
Private equity firm quote logo
eSentire’s Managed Vulnerability service is excellent! With eSentire’s guidance, we have been able to leverage the Tenable.io platform and uncover new features. They’ve provided expertise on a monthly basis to fully maximize the platform’s capabilities and help in prioritizing remediation actions to improve our overall security strategy."
Security Analyst
Private Equity Firm
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