Cybersecurity Reimagined
For Mid-Sized Organizations

Active Threat Protection™

We’ve re-engineered the traditional SIEM and IDS/IPS to detect more than just yesterday’s threats. Active Threat Protection’s industry leading threat intel provides real-time protection against known threats, while always-on full traffic capture, log correlation, and behavior-based analytics come together to also detect the unknown. It gets even smarter with our 24X7 elite team of cybersecurity analysts that work as an extension of your team to hunt, investigate, identify and escalate threats in real-time. The result is far more effective protection against the sophisticated threats that your traditional technology simply can’t detect.

Next-Gen IDS/IPS

Next-Gen SIEM

Advanced Forensic Hunting and Remediation

Your Elite Special Ops Cybersecurity Solution

Combining Multiple Data Sets to Protect from Both Known and Unknown Attacks

Industry-leading Threat Intel and Always-on Full-packet Capture

Attack Pattern and Behavior-based Threat Detection

Advanced Log Correlation and Forensics

And the World’s Largest Open Threat Intel Sharing Community

We believe that everyone should have access to threat intelligence to fight the war on cybercrime, so we created™

  • Over 200 Industry, Government and Proprietary Threat Intelligence Sources
  • Aggregated and Completely Searchable
  • Ready for you to Hook Into With Full API Set

Meet Your Own Virtual Threat Intelligence Analyst™

Cybersecurity Special Ops

We are the elite special ops team dedicated to keeping your assets safe.

Our Solutions are Award-Winning

We've been recognized with multiple industry and analyst awards for our innovative, industry-leading security service.


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