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Achieve Cyber Regulatory & Compliance Requirements

As governing and regulatory bodies introduce more stringent compliance requirements, cybersecurity leaders need support to navigate the evolving standards. To anticipate, withstand, and recover from modern threats, you need to go beyond checking the cybersecurity compliance box. eSentire can help you build a resilient cybersecurity program that exceeds the most stringent regulatory mandates and supports in scaling your business, securely.


Support to Meet Cybersecurity Compliance and Regulatory Mandates

Build a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Compliance Program That Scales

Stay Ahead of the Changing Cybersecurity Compliance Landscape

Industry, sector and regional mandatory compliance requirements such as GDPR, NIS2, Essentials Eight, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and NYCRR 500 are constantly evolving and often dictate the specific controls, policies, and best practices that organizations should have in place in order to prevent advanced cyberattacks and reduce cyber risk.

However, meeting cybersecurity compliance requirements isn’t a simple task, many cybersecurity teams are challenged by:

  • Scoping where certain compliance mandates apply and making decisions on mitigating and compensating controls
  • Understanding and aligning overlapping cybersecurity compliance and regulatory mandates across multiple regions and industries
  • Demonstrating that a regulatory compliance program is a value-add program that can support, and build cyber resilience and not just a cost center
  • Obtaining buy-in from senior leadership to invest time and resources, especially if specific certifications require audits by multiple external audit bodies
  • Obtaining support and adherence from employees who may see certain controls and activities as an inconvenience

How eSentire Helps Organizations Achieve Cybersecurity Compliance


Many organizations find themselves stuck between ever-evolving cyber threats and tightening cybersecurity compliance requirements. This can force your team to piece together and execute informal programs that check the compliance box but don’t necessarily align and address the greatest areas of cyber risk.

With eSentire, our team works directly with you to assess your cybersecurity program maturity against your industry peers and compliance requirements. The vCISO also aligns your cybersecurity strategy and business objectives to build a roadmap that reduces your cyber risk so you benefit from:

  • Expert assessment of your organization’s environment, architecture, operations, and cyber threat landscape against industry frameworks
  • Support in how your team adheres to specific cybersecurity compliance mandates
  • Developing a cybersecurity roadmap of processes, tools, and support enhancements that will help you adhere to more stringent requirements while you advance your overall security posture
  • Demonstrating measurable success through reporting and KPIs to your executive leadership and board
  • Support with demonstrating ROI and cost-effective risk reduction at the executive and board level
  • Identifying and prioritizing your cybersecurity architecture risk and subsequent control & remediation opportunities
  • Getting support to meet and exceed your cybersecurity compliance mandates


Keep your business safe with routine scanning of internal and external cybersecurity risks plus expert advice to remediate identified vulnerabilities.


Improve your cyber resilience as you empower every employee to protect your business with engaging phishing and security awareness training.


Detect and stop threats before they disrupt your business with our cutting-edge XDR platform, 24/7 SOC support, around-the-clock threat hunting and security operations leadership.


Stop attackers with our industry-leading
4-hour remote threat suppression SLA anywhere in the world, and get your business back to standard operations quickly, following an incident.

eSentire Helps You Meet Cybersecurity Compliance Regulations

Review our latest checklists to learn how eSentire’s MDR and Exposure Management services map to leading cybersecurity compliance regulations.

A logo of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) used as a cover for a cybersecurity compliance checklist that outlines how eSentire MDR can help organizations meet cybersecurity compliance standards and mitigate cyber risk.


PCI DSS 3.2.1 Checklist for Protecting Payment Account Data

See how we can facilitate PCI compliance to help your team maintain compliance standards and mitigate cyber risk.

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A logo of HIPAA privacy rule used as a cover for a HIPAA cybersecurity compliance checklist that outlines how eSentire MDR helps healthcare delivery organizations adhere to compliance requirements.


HIPAA Security Checklist for Administrative and Technical Safeguards

We support you in adhering to compliance requirements for administrative and technical safeguards with our 24/7 cybersecurity services.

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A logo of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) used as a cover for a NIST cybersecurity compliance checklist that demonstrates how eSentire services map to the compliance requirements.


NIST Cybersecurity Framework Mapping Checklist

Learn how we can help your team achieve compliance with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to mitigate your cyber risks and strengthen your cybersecurity posture.

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A logo of Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), which serves as a cover for the ACSC Essential Eight compliance checklist which maps the requirements of the mandate to eSentire’s cybersecurity compliance services.


ACSC Essential Eight Compliance Checklist

Learn how eSentire helps your organization build resilience and prevent disruption with a security program that maps to the Essential Eight Maturity Levels One through Three.

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A logo of the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that is used as a cover for the Safeguards Rule Compliance Checklist, which outlines how eSentire helps automotive dealers in the U.S. comply with FTC cybersecurity regulations.


Safeguards Rule Compliance Checklist for U.S. Automotive Dealers

Learn how eSentire helps automotive dealerships build a cybersecurity program that complies with the new FTC Safeguards Rule.

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A logo of the NIS2 Compliance


NIS2 Directive Compliance Checklist

Learn how eSentire multi-signal Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Exposure Management Services help you comply with NIS2 requirements and build long-term cyber resilience.

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A logo of the SEC Cybersecurity


SEC Cybersecurity Recommendations for Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and Investment Companies Checklist

Learn about the Proposed Rule that the SEC released for RIAs and investment companies and get pragmatic cybersecurity recommendations your team should adopt to improve your overall cybersecurity posture.

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How to Create a Cybersecurity Compliance Program Framework

Adhering to cybersecurity compliance requirements isn’t a one-size fits all model. Based on the region, industry, and maturity of your organization, your team should have a structured approach for each mandate. We recommend using the below framework as a best practice guide when creating a cybersecurity compliance program for your organization:


Evaluate your cybersecurity posture against recognized industry standards (e.g., NIST CSF) to understand your current state. Consider conducting a Security Program Maturity Assessment (SPMA) for a gap analysis.


Establish which cybersecurity compliance standards and regulatory directives your business must adhere to and what the requirements are for each mandate. Remember, specific compliance standards may be driven by your region or industry, so if your organization operates across multiple regions or industries, your team may need to achieve cybersecurity compliance with multiple mandates. For example, organizations in North America may prefer to follow AICPA Trust Criteria (e.g., SOC2) whereas many EU entities prefer ISO 27001.


Identify and assess your organization’s challenges and obligations from a client and regulatory perspective. Based on these requirements, your organization may also need to adhere to a certifiable framework through a third-party certification or independent audit process.


Depending on your organization’s size and maturity, you may consider following non-auditable frameworks. We recommend selecting the framework that makes the most sense rather than building a program from scratch.


Get buy-in from senior executive leadership and focus on the connections between IT, InfoSec, Legal, and senior organizational leadership as they pertain to any legal or regulatory requirements.


Create a roadmap that outlines all the controls, policies, and best practices needed to achieve cybersecurity compliance with a specific mandate, establish a timeline to fulfill the obligations, and identify the internal stakeholders who will take ownership of each stage of the roadmap.


As you move toward compliance, conduct annual assessments to ensure you’re keeping up with any changing cybersecurity regulatory compliance requirements.

Trust eSentire To Help You Meet Your Cybersecurity Compliance Requirements

Review these resources to learn more about eSentire’s compliance to industry standard frameworks.

A logo of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) which serves as a cover for eSentire Statement of Applicability with the ISO 27001 standard.

ISO 27001 Statement of Applicability

A logo of ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management which serves as a cover for eSentire’s certificate of registration, demonstrating compliance with the ISMS ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

ISMS - ISO/IEC 27001:2013

A logo of PCI DSS 3.2.1 which serves as a cover for eSentire’s attestation of Compliance for Onsite Assessments for Service Providers. The attestation demonstrates that eSentire meets industry standard regulations for the PCI cybersecurity compliance.

PCI DSS 3.2.1 Attestation of Compliance for Onsite Assessments – Service Providers

A logo of AICPA’s SOC 2 compliance standard. Discover how eSentire helps you build a more resilient cybersecurity program that exceeds the most stringent cybersecurity compliance requirements.

SOC 2 Type 2

A logo of AITEC which demonstrates that eSentire meets AITEC’s information security requirements for vendors working with investment firms. Learn how eSentire's integrated approach to cybersecurity governance, risk, and compliance can help you meet compliance requirements and reduce cyber risk.

AITEC Document

You can access this document through your AITEC Portal.

SIG Lite Document

To learn more about how eSentire complies with industry-specific attestations and questionnaires, contact us today.

Security Leaders Count on eSentire

I have enjoyed having the additional security knowledge on my team. I sleep better at night."
David Greene
IT Vice President | CWS Apartment Homes. Inc.

Real Estate Industry

A logo of eSentire’s customer, CWS Apartment Homes, Inc., next to a testimonial which discusses how eSentrie managed phishing training and security awareness training keeps the organization’s environment secure 24/7.
eSentire provides a better security posture for our organization."
Shahab Kazim
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) | EnCap Investments LP

Finance Industry

En Cap Investments LP black
eSentire is an extension of our security and IT team. From the Customer Success Managers, Advanced Services Specialists all the way up to the Executive Management Team, we've seen endless value, tremendous customer support, quality and expertise. eSentire does a wonderful job of making sure we are wholly satisfied with the value we are seeing from their offerings."
Caili Preston
Information Security | Texas United Management

Manufacturing Industry

A logo of eSentire’s customer, Texas United Management, next to the quote from TUM’s Chief Information Officer who describes why eSentire stands out among MDR service providers.
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