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Safeguards Rule Compliance Checklist for U.S. Automotive Dealers

Recent updates to the Federal Trade Commission’s 2003 Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) Safeguards Rule create new standards and procedures that will apply to automotive dealerships. Under the Safeguards Rule, automotive companies are expected to deploy and implement an information security program by June 2023.

While the purpose of the Safeguards Rule is to establish standards for data security and breach notification for customers, it also serves as a good framework to start from as your automotive dealership looks to develop an end-to-end cybersecurity and incident response plan that will ensure data security and prevent business disruption.

To help U.S. automotive dealers meet the Safeguards Rule requirements, we’ve broken down the requirements in our Cyber Risk checklist and provided tangible recommendations in terms of services and adoption by automotive dealers.

Download this Safeguards Rule Compliance Checklist to see how eSentire Managed Risk, MDR and Incident Response services map to the Safeguards Rule requirements.

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