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Eliminate the Threat of Cloud Misconfigurations with Confidence

Cloud misconfigurations are the biggest and most prevalent cloud vulnerability that you’re facing. Many significant data breaches associated with cloud infrastructure in recent years have boiled down to some sort of a misconfiguration. We actively monitor your cloud infrastructure, assessing configurations and policies in real-time to help eliminate the threat of cloud misconfigurations across your multi-cloud environments.


24/7 Managed Detection and Response

Cloud Security Posture Management

Cloud Workload Protection



of organizations utilize at least two cloud platforms1


of the organizations reported having 10+ incidents per day due to misconfigurations2


Expected size of the cloud services market by 20263


of respondents reported staff-related issues, highlighting that organizations are struggling with handling cloud deployments4

1 2021 State of the Cloud & State of Multicloud Reports
2 The State of Cloud Security 2020 Report by Fugue
3 2021 Cloud Computing Market Report
4 State of Cloud Security Concerns, Challenges and Incidents 2021

Cloud adoption is accelerating at an exponential rate, leading to an increase in cloud misconfigurations

Whether it’s for business collaboration, digital transformation, or to store critical data assets, organizations are increasingly relying on the cloud. This leads to an increase in cloud misconfiguration breaches as cybercriminals use this expanded attack surface to access sensitive data hosted on cloud environments and increases the risk of a cyberattack.

Unfortunately, cloud misconfigurations are no small threat – many of the biggest data breaches associated with cloud infrastructure have boiled down to some sort of a cloud misconfiguration. This has led the National Security Agency (NSA) to further declare that cloud misconfigurations are easily the biggest (and most prevalent) cloud vulnerability that organizations are currently facing.

Protect Your Business from Cloud Misconfigurations

eSentire MDR for Cloud provides Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) as well as 24/7 Managed Detection and Response and Cloud Workload Protection to ensure you have deep visibility into your cloud environment to prevent cloud misconfiguration breaches. Our experts provide seamless monitoring, scanning and control over your multi-cloud environment delivering unmatched visibility, correlation and protection from cloud-specific threats.

24/7 Managed Detection and Response

We detect, investigate and respond to threats specific to multi-cloud environments leveraging our cloud-native open XDR platform, proprietary MITRE ATT&CK mapped detections, and our 24/7 Security Operations Centers (SOCs) staffed with Elite Threat Hunters and experienced Cyber Analysts.

Cloud Security Posture Management

We eliminate the risk of critical cloud misconfigurations by providing continuous cloud visibility, configuration management, asset tracking, and mapping to compliance frameworks including PCI, HIPAA, CIS, and SOC 2. Gain comprehensive visibility across your cloud infrastructure with anomaly-based threat detection and proactive, prioritized cloud threat response.

Cloud Workload Protection

We see and understand cloud changes at scale without requiring manual interventions by your team every time a new cloud service or technology is adopted. Our Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP) offering runs natively in the cloud and provides continuous build to run-time threat detection, behavioral anomaly detection, and compliance across multi-cloud environments, workloads, accounts, containers, and Kubernetes.

This means your organization benefits from:

  • Improved ROI on multi-cloud environments
  • Getting guardrails for your developers to avoid common misconfigurations
  • Reduced cloud knowledge gaps
  • Enforcement of critical security rules
  • Rapid threat detection while reducing alert fatigue
  • Reduced cybersecurity incidents in your multi-cloud environment
  • Benchmarking your cloud application configurations against industry and organizational standards
  • Improved time to value in managing risks at the administration level of your multi-cloud environment
  • Reduced risk for data loss, data exfiltration, and threat actor dwell time
  • Improved cloud visibility and MITRE coverage
  • Improved cyber resilience

Three Primary Drivers of Cloud Misconfigurations

There have been a multitude of cloud misconfiguration breaches, which occur because of improper settings being used when architecting and deploying services within the cloud platform. So, why do these cloud misconfigurations happen in the first place? Ultimately, there are three primary drivers:


Lack of experience: Cloud services are notoriously easy to deploy and set up by internal teams. If your employees aren’t experienced with setting up the proper configurations and policies in the cloud environment, they can miss key elements that must be enabled to maintain security.


Strained Resources: Many cloud configurations are reliant on simple checkboxes that can easily be overlooked by overworked employees who wear multiple hats. Missing critical details can lead to unintentionally exposing your company’s sensitive data to the public.


Inadequate Cloud Migration Strategy: Many organizations think there is a one-and-done cloud migration strategy – (aka the “lift and shift” method), where all on-prem applications are simply virtualized and moved to the cloud.
However, your team must properly re-architect your applications to ensure that you’re choosing the correct migration strategy for each application and data asset.

5 Common Misconceptions About Cloud Security

Every organization will shift towards at least one cloud platform within the next few years, and it will be up to the organization itself to ensure that its data assets and resources are protected in a cloud, or multi-cloud, environment.

Despite this, many organizations hold certain misconceptions, which can easily derail their cloud adoption and migration strategies. This derailment can be costly from a monetary and increased threat perspective.

Ultimately, there are 5 misconceptions that many organizations still have about cloud security:

Myth #1: The cloud service provider is responsible for data security.


Cloud service providers maintain a shared responsibility model, so you, as a cloud customer and the data owner, will be responsible for the security of the data you store in the cloud.

Ensure you have the right policies in place to restrict public access to the cloud, enable strict access management practices, and encrypt the data once it’s uploaded to the cloud.

Myth #2: There’s only one approach to cloud migration.


Rather than relying on a single cloud migration strategy, organizations need to conduct an inventory of all applications and assess which strategy to use on an individual basis.

Choosing the correct cloud migration strategy is critical in eliminating cloud misconfigurations and other cloud vulnerabilities.

Myth #3: Cloud faces more security risks than on-premises environments.


Cloud platforms may be more secure than on-prem environments since cloud service providers often attract high-value security analysts and engineers to architect the security tooling for the platforms.

Myth #4: You have to commit to one cloud solution.


Organizations can adopt a hybrid, multi-cloud approach so your teams can maintain a small footprint of an on-prem environment and leverage the best cloud service provider solution for each use case you have.

As a result of this adoption, organizations must protect their multi-cloud environment with 24/7 Threat Detection and Investigation and Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM).

Myth #5: You can’t meet compliance requirements if you use cloud platforms.


Many cloud providers are introducing controls to accommodate compliance requirements.

In addition, since cloud technology is very dynamic, your team should enable real-time ongoing monitoring for regulatory frameworks by utilizing cloud security posture management (CSPM).


Threat Detection Engineering Driven By Industry Experts

At eSentire, we prioritize the detection of cloud-based vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and suspicious activity across any cloud environment – no matter where your users and data reside – so you can focus on scaling your business operations securely.

Our cloud experts have a deep understanding of the refined tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) used by threat actors in multi-cloud environments. We provide seamless monitoring, scanning and control, delivering unmatched visibility, correlation and protection with MDR for Multi-Cloud environments across AWS, Microsoft and Google to protect your business from cloud-based threats such as:

Learn More About eSentire’s Cloud Protection →

You’re in the cloud.
We’re all-in to protect you.

Whatever the cloud brings to your business, we’re all-in to prevent your business ever being disrupted.


Go boldly towards your business ambitions knowing our SOC Cyber Analysts and Elite Threat Hunters always have your back. Powered by our cloud-native XDR platform, multi-signal threat intelligence and unique behavior-based cloud insights, we’re all in to protect you 24/7.

Reduce Cloud

Eliminate critical misconfiguration and runtime risks with continuous visibility, vulnerability monitoring, asset tracking, proactive threat hunting and novel detection models across AWS, Azure and Google Cloud platforms.

Proactive Threat Response

Contain cloud attacks faster, before they become business disrupting events, with automated response capabilities, deep multi-signal investigation and prioritized threat response that others simply cannot match.


Not all MDR is created equal. Learn more about the Response & Remediation you can expect from eSentire.

Managed Detection And Response For Your Multi-Cloud Environment

We understand each cloud platform is unique and has different uses in a multi-cloud strategy. We deliver 24/7 Threat Detection & Investigation and Cloud Security Posture Management across AWS, Microsoft and GCP.

MDR for Microsoft

Aws Competency Level 1 Logo

We hunt and investigate threats across Microsoft Cloud services including but not limited to:

  • Microsoft Sentinel
  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
  • Microsoft Defender for Office 365
  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps
  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure Blob Storage

We’re a Microsoft Security Solutions Partner with MXDR status.



Aws Competency Level 1 Logo

We hunt and investigate threats across AWS services including but not limited to:

  • AWS Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
  • AWS Relational Database Service (RDS)
  • AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • AWS Shield Advanced
  • AWS GuardDuty
  • AWS CloudTrail

We're certified as an AWS L1 MSSP


MDR for Google

Aws Competency Level 1 Logo

We hunt and investigate threats across Google Cloud services including but not limited to:

  • GCP Cloud Storage
  • GCP Compute Engine
  • GCP Cloud IAM
  • GCP Cloud SQL
  • GCP Cloud KMS
  • Google Cloud IAM
  • Google Workspace Security Center

Connect with an eSentire Security Specialist


Team eSentire in Action


Global Investment Company

A global investment company operating in 82 countries was executing on a complex digital transformation project, migrating their entire infrastructure to AWS, to become a cloud first organization. To complete this migration with confidence, our customer looked for an MDR provider who could deliver deep visibility and investigation capabilities across their growing AWS footprint. Ultimately, they chose our MDR service for its high-fidelity detection and unparalleled response.

Results and Benefits:

The global investment company has an infrastructure that is spread across 15 AWS accounts, containing over 200 resources in addition to on-premise components. Our eSentire MDR service provides a consolidated view of threats across networks and eSentire SOC Cyber Analysts are able to investigate detected threats, providing detection in seconds and containment in minutes 24/7. Upon initial deployment, eSentire discovered approximately 3,500 alert conditions within the AWS environment.

Working with the customer, services were tuned to filter false positives and critical misconfigurations were remediated. Our Elite Threat Hunters also detected unusual user activity within an AWS account, which resulted in identification of potential unauthorized access. Our customer now deploys new resources with confidence, knowing they will be automatically discovered and protected with our end-to-end MDR coverage.


Leading APAC Investment Company

A leading APAC investment organization that operates a large footprint on AWS chose eSentire MDR and Managed Vulnerability Services so they could grow their AWS footprint securely. They were looking for an MDR provider who could deliver visibility into resources across their multiple AWS accounts and on-premises network infrastructure.

They also needed proactive threat hunting with multi-signal MDR services that could investigate and correlate threats across network, endpoint and vulnerability data sources. Ultimately, they chose eSentire and are confident that any new resources they deploy are automatically discovered and protected with our end-to-end MDR coverage.

Results and Benefits:

Having infrastructure spread across 12 AWS accounts, in addition to on-premises components, eSentire’s MDR service provides a consolidated view of cyber threats across networks and SOC Cyber Analysts are able to investigate detected threats, providing detection in seconds and containment in minutes 24/7. Upon initial deployment, eSentire’s Elite Threat Hunters discovered approximately 11,000 alert conditions within the AWS environment.

Working with the customer, services were tuned to filter false positives and critical misconfigurations were remediated. The customer now averages 30 misconfiguration alerts a month, which eSentire remediates on their behalf in most cases. Our customer can now grow their AWS footprint with confidence that any new resources are automatically discovered and included in eSentire’s MDR service visibility.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Venerable Logo

Venerable selected eSentire to mitigate cyber risks and address their multi-cloud security strategy through:

  • 24/7 Threat Detection and Investigation
  • Cloud Security 
  • MDR for Microsoft
A big part of why eSentire has shown value to us, in addition to the people, is how far ahead they are from a technology standpoint. eSentire gets ahead of the direction that we’re moving in before we know we’re heading in that direction.
Simon Scully
Assistant Vice President, IT Security - Security Operations | Venerable

Read this case study to learn why Venerable selected eSentire and how they benefit from 24/7 threat detection and response as well as cloud security posture management to secure their multi-cloud environment.

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