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We Stand Guard 24/7 So You Don’t Have To

At eSentire, we deliver so much more than traditional SOC-as-a-Service. Our team of 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) Cyber Analysts will pick up the phone - live - to provide expertise, peace of mind, and complete response when you need it most.



The time from alert to action is critical for your business.
Our SOC team identifies attacks in seconds, containing them before they disrupt your business.

Initial Response

In Seconds

15 Minutes

To Contain

Around-the-clock Elite Protection with the eSentire SOC Team

Our global 24/7 SOC team is staffed with Elite Threat Hunters and experienced Cyber Analysts with CISSP and OSCP accreditations. Our open XDR cloud platform automatically disrupts high-fidelity threats, so our SOC team can focus on multi-signal investigation, threat containment and response, day or night.

Go beyond threat detection with eSentire SOC-as-a-Service. Supported by our industry-renowned Threat Response Unit (TRU), our SOC team delivers 24/7 security monitoring, hypothesis-driven threat hunting, threat disruption, containment, and complete response.

The result?

We stop even the most advanced cyberattacks before they disrupt your business.


What You Can Expect from eSentire’s

24/7 Live SOC Cyber Analyst Support

Elite Threat Hunters on Every Shift

Advanced Certification and Training Program

Powerful Open XDR Cloud Platform Support

Industry-Leading Research and Models from TRU


24/7 Live SOC Cyber Analyst Support


Get immediate support and expertise from our SOC team 24/7. Speak with a live analyst who is already engaged and initiating expert-level response as an extension of your team.


Elite Threat Hunters on Every Shift


Remain confident that each SOC shift team is supported by mature technical experts who perform global threat sweeps and proactively hunt threats across your environment based on the latest intelligence from our Threat Response Unit.


Advanced Certification and Training Program


Get expert guidance from a SOC team that is highly certified and experienced. With an average tenure of 6 years and a 95%+ retention rate, our team proudly holds advanced certs including SSCP, CSAP, CISSP, Security+, Network+, Linux +, Server +, and more.


Powerful Open XDR Cloud Platform Support


If an orchestrated response isn’t possible, our platform equips our SOC team with the insights they need to perform deep investigation and execute manual containment, delivering a Mean Time To Contain of 15 minutes.


Industry-Leading Research and Models from TRU


Our SOC team is supported by top research and machine learning experts, so you benefit from improved detection, response, and timely threat advisories.


Waterloo, ON, Canada

Cork, Ireland

Additional analysts operating across the US, EMEA and APAC to support our global MDR Operations.


Our SOC team holds advanced credentials, including SSCP, OSCP, CSAP, CISSP, Security+, Network+, Linux+, Server+ and more.


We are PCI Compliant, SOC 2 and ISO27001 certified, delivering cutting-edge SecOps, optimized staffing and workload management, quality assurance, and complete 24/7 support.

The Value of eSentire’s 24/7 Global SOCs

Learn about the value of eSentire’s global SOCs and how our Cyber Analysts work as an extension of your team 24/7 to deliver security monitoring, hypothesis-driven threat hunting, threat disruption, containment, and complete response.


Build vs Buy SOC

Deciding whether to build a Security Operations Center in-house? When you combine the people, process, and technology required to make a 24/7 security operation successful, its cost is conservatively estimated at over $2M annually. For a mid-sized organization, here’s the breakdown of the annual investment required to build a DIY security operations program:

Soc Cost


Should you build your own SOC in-house or partner with an MDR provider to outsource SOC capabilities?

This calculator lets you quickly model what it would cost to build and run your own SOC compared to the cost of 24/7 threat investigation and response with eSentire Managed Detection and Response (MDR).

Solving the Cybersecurity Skills Gap with 24/7 Expertise

We apply a six-point methodology to how we develop and retain skilled cybersecurity professionals. This process has been refined over the last decade as we have expanded globally, and has resulted in a distinct competitive advantage given the well-documented global skills shortage.

Establishing a SOC Talent Pipeline

Recruiting top talent for our SOC Cyber Analyst positions begins with the educational relationships we formed in the Waterloo and Cork regions. That’s why we encourage elementary, high school, and college students to pursue careers in cybersecurity. Our partnerships with local colleges, universities, municipal boards and not-for-profit organizations help us maintain a robust pipeline of talent for our expanding security operations. Our leadership team is actively engaged with many educational and advisory boards, providing recommendations on information security program training.

How We Reduce Turnover and Prevent Burnout to Provide the Best SOC-as-a-Service

8-hour Shifts

We rotate three (3), 8-hour shifts per day to keep our team fresh and engaged, instead of the 12-hour industry norm.

Intelligent SOC Shift Staffing

We base our staff presence on investigative data insights and balance skills across our Cyber Analysts, Elite Threat Hunters, Threat Response Unit, and other technical experts on a 24/7 basis.

Mentorship Program

After they complete training, new SOC Analysts are paired with a senior SOC team member in a pilot/co-pilot model so they learn as productively as possible.

Encouraged PTO

We have a flexible vacation policy so our team can take the time they need to create a productive and healthy balance.

eSentire SOC Quality Assurance Measures

No matter what, we guarantee that your call will be answered live every time by a trained SOC Cyber Analyst, day or night. Plus, we perform regular audits of our service and investigations, sharing the results across our team so we can continuously improve the service we deliver.


Analysts check against a random sampling of 75-100 security events every 24 hours.


The analysts are assessing the quality and validity of alerts that are being sent to customers.


The SOC uses this data to audit from both a process and technology perspective, checking the alerting quality from start to finish.


The data is gathered and sent to each analyst for continuous performance tracking.


The SOC is able to identify issues the team faces or address areas of improvement for additional training.

Accelerating the Efficiency of our SOC-as-a-Service

Our XDR platform disrupts high fidelity threats, recognizing malicious IOCs and IPs that can be automatically blocked and contained. That way, our SOC team and Elite Threat Hunters spend their time on higher-priority security events.

If an orchestrated response isn't possible, our XDR platform enables the SOC Cyber Analysts to perform deep threat investigation and execute manual containment, when required, with a Mean Time to Contain of only 15 minutes. Plus, every positive SOC Investigation fuels the Security Network Effects across our global customer base. We add over 200 malicious IOCs and IPs to our global block list daily to continue to improve customer defenses.

Continuous SOC Education and Certification

Our SOC onboarding and training process is managed by a dedicated team of learning professionals. We are committed to advancing the certifications and cyber education of our SOC Cyber Analysts.

SOC Education

Career Progression

With 100+ internal promotions in the last 12 months and multiple paths for our SOC Cyber Analysts to progress in their careers, our team develops the specific expertise needed to protect your business.

  • Sales Engineering
  • Threat Response Unit (TRU)
  • Vulnerability Management Team
  • Distinguished Security Practitioner
  • Penetration Testing

24/7 Threat Detection and Response:
Others Claim It. We Prove It.

We have discovered some of the most dangerous threats and nation-state attacks in our space, including the Kaseya MSP breach, the malicious more_eggs malware, and Gootloader malware attacks. Our Elite Threat Hunters also tracked the identity of VENOM SPIDER, the threat actor behind one of the most capable and stealthy malware suites—Golden Chickens.

As part of our 24/7 MDR service, you receive our latest Threat Response Unit reports and Security Advisories.

Review our Security Advisories


Prioritizing Customer Service and Complete Response

For 20+ years, we have been protecting businesses with security that scales. We work hard to earn our reputation as the Authority in Managed Detection and Response, each and every day. Our customer satisfaction scores demonstrate our commitment to service excellence and continuous improvement in everything we do.


Deployment Satisfaction


Ongoing Operations and Tuning Satisfaction


Threat Detection and Response Satisfaction

You should be protected by the best SOC in the business.

Security Leaders Count on eSentire

Hks greyscale quote logo
Every time we call the eSentire SOC, we get a true security analyst on the first touch to walk us through our incidents clearly and efficiently. No other provider delivers such personalized service and expertise. Leveraging the eSentire Atlas platform, in conjunction with access to their sophisticated threat intelligence team, we have been able to cut our incident time to resolution in half."
Michael Smith
IT Vice President | HKS
A logo of eSentire’s customer, Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP, next to the quote from the firm’s CIO who describes how eSentire leads the way in the managed detection and response market compared to other MDR service providers.
The nice thing with eSentire is, they’re always looking at my network. They’re looking at my environment. They’re looking at everything that’s coming through. I can sleep at night. I don’t have to have 24/7 SOC. I know that my network is being looked at and they’re taking care of it. And if they see something that they deem to be a threat, they can prevent it, and block it, and stop it, and get a hold of my team, if needed.”
Leon Goldstein
CIO | Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP
A logo of eSentire’s customer, Texas United Management, next to the quote from TUM’s Chief Information Officer who describes why eSentire stands out among MDR service providers.
Being able to communicate to the board that our mean time to containment is less than 15 minutes, that’s why we hired eSentire.”
Ray Texter
Chief of Information Security | Texas United Management
Esentire logo 320x320
eSentire has always been full of wickedly smart and approachable people. No matter who you look up to as a SOC analyst, that person was where you are now, and they had to learn things the hard way. To me, the SOC has always been a place where someone knows the answer or they're willing to help you find it."
Jack Fahel
Team Lead, SOC Operations | eSentire
Gsg greyscale quote logo
The one thing I always tell my superiors when they ask about why we're spending money with eSentire is that the support team is head and shoulders above the rest. Especially the people who proactively reach out, they are some of the smartest, most capable folks we talk to. Normally, you have to escalate to tier three before you get somebody like that. You know, when I get a call at three in the morning, the SOC Analyst has already looked at the case. He knows all the notes on it. He's ready to tell me everything about it. What they're going to do next, and all they need is my authorization or my input. So no, I don't necessarily have any feedback for improvement. What my feedback is, you know, you all are knocking it out of the park in terms of being a partner for us. So we're super happy with eSentire. And I tell my boss this all the time: eSentire is the most responsive and capable partner that we've got."
Scott Tucker
IT Manager, Graphic Solutions Group, Inc.
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