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Jan 13, 2022
GootLoader Hackers Are Compromising Employees of Law and Accounting Firms, Warns eSentire
GootLoader Gang Launches Wide-Spread Cyberattacks Enticing Legal and Accounting Employees to Download Malware eSentire, the industry’s leading Managed Detection and Response (MDR) cybersecurity provider, is warning law and accounting firms of a wide-spread GootLoader hacker campaign. In the past three weeks and as recently as January 6, eSentire’s threat hunters have intercepted and shut down…
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About Us
eSentire is The Authority in Managed Detection and Response Services, protecting the critical data and applications of 1000+ organizations in 70+ countries from known and unknown cyber threats. Founded in 2001, the company’s mission is to hunt, investigate and stop cyber threats before they become business disrupting events.
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Leadership Work at eSentire
Oct 28, 2021
Telarus and eSentire Expand Partnership to Safeguard Enterprises Globally Against Business Disrupting Ransomware and Zero-Day Attacks
London, UK and Sydney, Australia– Oct. 28, 2021 - eSentire, recognized globally as the Authority in Managed Detection and Response (MDR), today announces the expansion of its partnership with Telarus, the largest privately-held distributor of business cloud infrastructure and contact centre services. Building on their mutual success across North America, Telarus will bring eSentire’s Managed…
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Our award-winning partner program offers financial rewards, sales and marketing tools and personalized training. Accelerate your business and grow your revenue by offering our world-class Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services.
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eSentire is committed to building your career in cybersecurity

Calling all tech experts, sales enablers, operational leaders, technical gurus, cyber practitioners, curious minds, and passionate problem solvers! Join our high-growth cybersecurity team and do work that matters as you pursue your passion, enhance your skills, and create the dynamic career you deserve.

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The eSentire Difference

eSentire is on a mission to hunt, investigate and stop cyber threats before they become business disrupting events. We were founded from the premise that if you can’t find a solution, you build it. Entrepreneurship and innovation are in our DNA. Our culture is based on transparency, candor, and resiliency. At eSentire, continuous improvement isn’t an option. It’s expected. Join our team and build your cybersecurity career in one of the world’s most dynamic industries.



We don’t just say People-First, we prove it, day in and day out. Our leadership team leads by example and as a trusted cybersecurity services provider, we are committed to doing the right thing to support our team, our partners, and our customers.

  • We all thrive in a collaborative, team-oriented environment.
  • We trust our people and provide a flexible, hybrid, remote work environment.
  • We are a welcome, diverse, and inclusive workplace.

Do Work That Matters

We are committed to protecting high-value business targets from the threat of cybercrime. As part of Team eSentire you can make a meaningful impact and feel the value of your efforts.

  • We believe in what we do and relentlessly pursue our mission to hunt, detect and disrupt cyber threats before they become business disrupting security events.
  • We are curious, creative and think innovatively to challenge the status quo.
  • Our team’s collective efforts make the difference in protecting our customers every second of the day.

We Build Careers

We invest in Team eSentire so you can enhance your skills, master your craft, and develop the dynamic career you deserve.

  • We create an environment for smart people to push and challenge each other collaboratively.
  • We have robust training and certification programs across our Security Operations Center (SOC), Technical Services and Engineering teams to support your career goals and progression planning.
  • We celebrate when anyone on our team achieves new certifications or takes on a new role.

Total Rewards Focus

We pay for performance and offer robust benefits. All members of Team eSentire have an annual bonus program to share in our corporate growth and success.

  • We care about your future and offer comprehensive Health and Wellness programs including retirement planning programs.
  • Learning is vital to our success so we prioritize mentorship, skills development and learning programs.
  • We have a flexible vacation policy and trust our team to take the time they need to create a productive and healthy balance.

The eSentire Distinguished Security Professionals Program

We built the eSentire Distinguished Security Professionals (DSP) program to recognize, train and retain the top cybersecurity innovators across our business. We share a deep commitment to cybersecurity and have developed this robust cybersecurity career program so our top talent can communicate, collaborate and challenge each other as they support ideation and drive input for future technology, products and services to take our business forward. eSentire DSP members are expected to build community relationships in cybersecurity, share expertise willingly, provide input into roadmap development and govern initiatives internally through project assignments, mentorship and leadership opportunities.

Being named an eSentire DSP is a personal and professional development goal for many of our cybersecurity practitioners. This is not a role, it is a highly respected designation that is bestowed through a nomination and review process annually.

The Distinguished Security Professionals at eSentire have been selected and recognized based on objective and rigorous criteria:

Technical aptitude and deep expertise in their domain area

Technical accomplishments/achievements at eSentire

Education and/or industry standard certifications

Share experience and be willing to mentor others as they grow their cybersecurity careers

Personal leadership

Intrinsically motivated to learn and develop skills

Commitment to eSentire and our customers

Continuous Education Driving Your Success

We search for and recruit top talent from across the globe, including those with CISSP and OSCP accreditations for our SOC teams. Our rigorous, ongoing training and retraining keeps us on top of evolving threat hunting procedures and technologies.

A dedicated team of learning professionals manages our SOC Analyst onboarding and ongoing education.


We have had over 100 internal promotions in the last 12 months and offer multiple paths for our SOC Cyber Analysts to develop their cybersecurity careers including:

Sales Engineering

Tactical Threat Team

Threat Intelligence Team

Advanced Threat and Analytics Team

Vulnerability Management Team

Distinguished Security Specialist

Penetration Testing

Red Team Operations

In addition to our SOC training program we offer education reimbursements as well as robust mentorship, certification, and training programs through LinkedIn Learning, O’Reilly, Cybrary, Harvard Mentor Modules and more.

#iamesentire Success Stories

Learn how members of our team have accelerated their personal and professional growth as they’ve advanced their cybersecurity careers here at eSentire.

Careers megan 100

Megan Eckhardt

VP, Go-To-Market Programs
and Sales Enablement

When I made the decision to leave a 10 year career at a large corporation for a relatively unknown cybersecurity company, it was because I wanted to make a difference. It was quickly evident to me that eSentire was a company that empowered its employees to do just that. To think outside of the box. To lean in to other teams and offer support or insights when you had something to contribute. To test new ideas by failing fast and failing forward. From top down, we rally behind our mission to protect our customers, and to do that effectively it takes an ecosystem of diverse talents and experiences coming together and working towards that common belief. I am proud to work for a customer-centric company where our people are the differentiator.

Personally, I have been empowered to grow my career as an executive in an industry that is predominately male driven. My favourite example of this is when our CEO Kerry Bailey surprised me with a VP promotion, and in turn I surprised him with a pregnancy and 12-month maternity leave. Many women experience the nerves and doubt that come relaying the news of an impending maternity leave but the support I experienced during that time and the reassurance that my personal decision to do what was best for my family would not impact or jeopardize my career progression, was a breath of fresh air. When I returned to work, I was a presented with an opportunity to make an impact on the sales team by building our supporting functions from the ground up, which was both challenging and exciting, ultimately resulting in a new passion for sales development, operations, and enablement.

Lastly, I will say that eSentire has constantly stretched me as an individual contributor, as a leader, and as a person, even when I did not feel confident in my own abilities to get the job done. My leadership never wavered in their support and my team never stopped fighting alongside me. I have been given the chance to accelerate my career and experience multiple lines of business, and feel like a valued member of the leadership team and eSentire family.

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Careers keegan 100

Keegan Keplinger

Threat Intelligence Lead,
Threat Response Unit

I arrived at eSentire in 2017 as a data analyst for the threat intelligence team. I was raised academically, as a scientist, largely in the fields of math, physics, and neuroscience. I had no security background when I joined eSentire but I was able to bring a fresh perspective to the team by turning eSentire’s data into comprehensive visualizations that, with the team’s security intuition, told meaningful stories. Those stories brought situational awareness to our security objectives and created marketing content to drive our brand. At the same time, the Threat Intelligence team and the newly formed Advanced Threat Analytics team were honing my own security intuition. As eSentire’s strongest security teams continued to develop my skills and I continued to uncover data anomalies, I eventually began catching – and writing rules to detect – active intrusions. In time, I grew into a threat research role, which my programming and data analytics skills have continued to advance. eSentire is the kind of work environment that will help you advance your skills and prioritize your passions. I have been able to apply my scientific thinking to drive security outcomes forward.

Careers kathryn 100

Kathryn Hodge

Chief People Officer

When I was thinking of joining eSentire in 2017, I talked to my family about my decision. My son, who was 12 at the time, looked at the website and watched videos explaining the mission of the company and what we did to protect our customers from cybersecurity threats. Even at a young age, my son understood that working at eSentire would be important to the world, and knowing his mom was in HR, he told me helping a team like ours would really matter and mean something. Smart kid.

Since that time, I have been proud to be part of this amazing story and partner with the team to achieve extraordinary goals. Working alongside our incredibly talented security experts is extremely rewarding work. Our team makes leaps and bounds to deliver on our customer promise which inspires achievement in all of us. The level of collaborative team work, technical expertise and organizational spirit is unmatched. We learn together and aspire to be the very best at what we do. We make it a priority to hone skills and develop people’s talents so the eSentire tradecraft is unrivaled in the industry, making us the authority in MDR. Mentorship and role enrichment are a vital part of our culture and people, at all levels, share their expertise generously. I love eSentire because we are a PEOPLE culture to the core. We are the place to build a meaningful career.


Global Presence. Hybrid and Remote Opportunities.

Global HQ +SOC

451 Phillip St, Suite 135
Waterloo, ON N2L 3X2

+1 (519) 651-2200

New York

One Penn Plaza, Suite 4501
New York, NY 10119

+1 (866) 579-2200


999 3rd Ave, Suite 2100
Seattle, WA 98104


5 New Street Square
London EC4A 3TW

+44 (0)8000 443242

Cork +SOC

Pearse House, Barrack Square,
Ballincollig, Co. Cork

What our employees are saying

What set eSentire apart from the rest of the companies is that they were one of the only pure-play cybersecurity companies in the region, and the only one with a local founder. I moved to Waterloo because I fell in love with the start-up culture, which you can see in all the unique coffee shops and restaurants uptown, and in the many successful tech start-ups. Even though eSentire was headquartered in Cambridge at the time, they embodied that same vibe. You can imagine how excited I was when we moved to Waterloo! I wanted to be part of something big, and I knew back then that eSentire was going to be big."
Jack Fahel
Team Lead, SOC Operations
I come from a scientific background and eSentire has provided a foundation for me to build a security career from while giving me the creative freedom to explore research and reporting topics that impact our client base. When I applied for permanent residency in Canada, eSentire was there to support me with the requirements and paperwork. Another great advantage of eSentire’s work culture is location mobility. I’ve been fortunate to have worked remotely for eSentire while I travelled across Canada, from Waterloo, Ontario to Whitehorse, Yukon."
Keegan Keplinger
Data Visualization Lead, Threat Intel
Our leadership always keeps us up to date with announcements on our corporate goals and roadmap. There’s a lot of change in the cyber space and we are never standing still. I can pause to reflect on everything we have accomplished together as a team and I’m excited about what we are going to achieve next."
Samantha Piotrowski
Sales Enablement Manager
As an eSentire employee, I feel heard. We’re encouraged to give feedback and share ideas because our voices matter. I also love the opportunities for growth at eSentire. I’m grateful to have been promoted 3 times since joining in 2018. As a people leader, I strive to help my team walk a career track they can take pride in."
Deanna Laparan
Senior Manager Sales Development
I loved the company culture aspect of eSentire. After just my first interview in 2015 I could tell this was a place I wanted to work. Coming from a much larger company, I had always felt like just another number, at eSentire I was greeted on my first day by the Founder himself, mister Eldon Sprickerhoff. It is that kind of involvement, the leadership team had and continues to have that makes you feel valued and important, and I think that’s so special."
Kacey Williams
Executive Assistant
The level of collaborative teamwork, technical expertise and organizational spirit here is unmatched. We make it a priority to hone skills and develop people’s talents so the eSentire tradecraft is unrivaled in the industry, making us the Authority in MDR. I love eSentire because we are a PEOPLE culture to the core. We are the place to build a meaningful career."
Kathryn Hodge
Chief People Officer
When I reflect on my 5 years with eSentire three words spring to mind ‘Exciting’, ’Grateful’ and ‘Proud’. I find it Exciting to work in a company that is expanding so quickly, we are constantly changing and adapting to our customers needs and the Cyber Security Landscape. Challenging the status quo is not only welcome but it is encouraged, I believe this is the reason we are the world leader in MDR! I am Grateful to witness the career development of so many SOC Analysts. Every week, month and year I can see their skill set improve and confidence grow. The icing on the cake is to see them transition into our advanced specialist teams, further growing their career with eSentire. I am very Proud to work in a company that is focused on important topics such as ‘Inclusion’ and ‘Nerodiversity’. We hire candidates based on their abilities and potential, we actively seek out alternative ways of thinking."
James Tierney
Manager, SOC Operations
At eSentire, I have experienced a great deal of support and guidance as I build a career that aligns with my passions and core values. eSentire is an anomaly in the corporate world. The leadership team supports you as a person and encourages you to share your ideas, strengths, and talents on a global stage."
Makenzie Van Eyk
Sales Enablement Instructional Designer
Between the leading technology exposure and the encouraging and supportive work environment, eSentire has been one of the best workplace experiences I've had!"
Alex Epworth
Cyber Security Specialist, SOC
The senior leadership team is great at communicating our strategy and where the business is headed. It is a fast paced environment but everyone finds the time to be transparent, open, and thoughtful about putting in place the right plans to help everyone succeed. Every team is very collaborative and wants to help."
Matthew Garrett
VP Corporate Marketing
With eSentire, I always look forward to my day when going into work. I know I’m working in a fast-paced environment where there is always something new to see and learn. I work with people I like and trust and I know that I have the support of management to handle anything that may come up during my day. This is an industry that never stops and I feel there’s no better place to be part of that action."
Joseph Vansteenkiste
SOC Advanced Services Cyber Security Specialist
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