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Partner with the industry-leading, all-in-one Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provider to help you consolidate and save, while bolstering your security program. Our proven track record, customized approach, rapid 14-day onboarding, and cost-effective MDR solution sets us apart.

A Forrester Wave MDR 2023 Strong Performer badge which recognizes eSentire MDR as a top MDR provider in Europe.

The Forrester WaveTM: MDR Services in Europe, Q4 2023

Learn why eSentire has been named a Strong Performer and how to evaluate the right MDR provider for your business.

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Are you struggling with subpar services that leave you exposed and feeling like your provider should be doing more to enhance your security posture? It’s time to take control of your cybersecurity strategy and switch to eSentire, where your protection is our top priority. eSentire offers unparalleled benefits to help you prioritize your security investments and prevent business disruption:

  • Consolidate & Save - Save up to 40% annually when you bundle 2 or more eSentire security services across endpoint, network, log, and cloud protection

  • Get Real ACTION - We don’t just provide alerts. You get 24/7 threat response & remediation including host isolation, hash blocking, account suspension, retroactive email purges, system reboots and more

  • All-In-One Solution - Get Unlimited Threat Hunting & Unlimited Incident Handling as part of our foundational MDR solution (no hidden add-ons required)

  • Multi-Signal Coverage & Over 300 Technology Integrations - Full support for your existing tech investments

  • Augment Staff & Expertise with Personalized Protection - Sentire’s Cyber Resilience Team of SOC Analysts, Elite Threat Hunters, Threat Response Unit (TRU), and Cyber Risk Advisors act as an extension of your team from Day 1 to show An Attack On You Is An Attack On Us

  • Ultimate Flexibility – You can Bring Your Own Licence (BYOL) or partner with eSentire for a fully managed MDR solution

  • Ease of Onboarding - Fully deployed MDR solution in 14 days on average

  • Proactive Security Improvement - We add 200 IOCs/IPs per day to our XDR platform based on positive global SOC investigations to enhance your defences. 2023:

    • 200K+ Global threat sweeps
    • 1100+ Hypothesis-based hunts
    • 500+ Novel detections and runbooks

Why 2000+ Organisations Choose eSentire MDR

With 24/7 SOC support and flexible integration options into 300+ technology solutions, eSentire MDR enhances your tech investments and provides multi-signal coverage. You get ultimate flexibility, allowing you to choose between BYOL or a fully managed solution tailored to your organisation's preferences.

Our rapid onboarding process, averaging just 14 days, strengthens your security quickly. Plus, you can augment your staff and expertise with eSentire's Cyber Resilience Team, featuring SOC experts, Elite Threat Hunters, TRU, and Cyber Risk Advisors.

Our approach is different. When you switch to eSentire you're not leaving good for potentially better. You're choosing a proven MDR provider who will tailor an integrated solution to your needs and augment your team with the right process, expertise, and response so you can demonstrate value.

Choose Proven. Switch to eSentire and Save.

Not all MDR is Created Equal


eSentire MDR provides improved detection, 24/7 threat hunting, end-to-end coverage and most of all, complete response.

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24/7 SOC-as-a-Service with unlimited threat hunting and incident handling.

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Learn why eSentire has been named a Strong Performer and how our MDR capabilities rank against other providers.

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Security Leaders Count on eSentire

Whether you choose to BYOL or partner with us for a fully bundled solution, see why 2000+ leading global organisations have chosen eSentire for Managed Detection and Response.

Average 35 seconds to response

15 minutes Mean Time to Contain

3M+ active threat responses per day

200+ IOCs added to your defense per day

24/7 protection and support

Featured MDR Case Study

IRIS logo

IRIS Software Group



UK-based software company that provides operational software to Accountants, Corporations, SMEs, and educational establishments. Growing rapidly with 16 sites in the UK and additional sites in North America.

High-growth UK software company uses eSentire MDR services to get new levels of visibility and protection during its digital transformation to the cloud.

Customer Challenge

IRIS experienced fast growth both organically and through acquisitions across various sectors. As it adopted more technology stacks, network visibility and management information became increasingly important. IRIS initiated a strategy to move software and workloads to the cloud, acknowledging the security complexity involved. It quickly recognized its small security team couldn't manage the increasing network traffic and upcoming project challenges.

Security Outcomes Delivered

IRIS realized the immediate benefits of eSentire services soon after deployment. eSentire Vulnerability Management Service revealed several exploitable weaknesses, while eSentire multi-signal MDR exposed potential intrusion attempts and scans looking for open ports on its firewall. Additionally, adding eSentire MDR for Log has provided unprecedented visibility across IRIS’ environment by gathering information from across its broad array of network products and endpoints.

eSentire gives us confidence in the form of world-class security expertise protecting our environment from events on our network.
David Adams
IT Technical Authority
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NIS2 Directive Requirements

The NIS2 Directive (Network and Information Systems Security Directive), an updated European Union (EU) legislation for advancing cybersecurity among key infrastructure operators and digital service providers, is set to come into effect in October 2024. It builds upon its 2016 NIS Directive to enhance cyber resilience, improve collective incident response capabilities, and strengthen cybersecurity measures for complying organisations.

The NIS2 Directive applies to all UK organisations that operate within the EU in addition to the EU’s own member states. It applies a different set of requirements to “essential” and “important” entities.

Whether a particular organisation is essential or important depends upon both its sector and its size. Smaller organisations may be impacted if considered important and at risk. Businesses impacted are encouraged to review and align their cybersecurity strategies with NIS2.

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