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NIS2 Directive Compliance Checklist

The NIS2 Directive, also known as the Network and Information Systems Security Directive, is a new European Union (EU) legislation aimed at enhancing the cybersecurity posture of vital infrastructure operators and digital service providers. Currently, it’s expected to go into effect in October 2024.

NIS2 iterates on the 2016 NIS Directive by bringing important updates to increase the level of cyber resilience, improve collective incident response capabilities, and strengthen cybersecurity measures of complying organizations.

The NIS2 Directive has major implications for the EU’s member states and the businesses and other organizations operating within them. NIS2 applies a different set of requirements to “essential” and “important” entities. Whether a particular organisation is considered to be essential or important depends upon both its sector and its size.

Smaller organisations may also fall within the scope of NIS2 if they are deemed sufficiently important and at risk. Businesses required to comply with NIS2 are encouraged to review and update their cybersecurity strategy to align with the new requirements.

We’ve broken down the NIS2 requirements to provide tangible recommendations on how you can comply with them and build long-term cyber resilience, preventing business disruption.

Download this checklist to learn how eSentire multi-signal Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Exposure Management Services map to the NIS2 Directive.

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