Our team is powered by security industry veterans and innovative thinkers. Meet our leadership team.

Meet the team

Kerry T. Bailey

Chief Executive Officer

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J. Paul Haynes

President and Chief Operating Officer

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Eldon Sprickerhoff

Founder and Chief Innovation Officer

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Dustin Rigg Hillard

Chief Technology Officer

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Chris Gesell

Chief Portfolio Officer

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James Yersh

Chief Administrative Officer

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Angela Rizzo

Chief Marketing Officer

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Charles “C.J.” Spallitta

Chief Product Officer

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Kathryn Hodge

Head of People

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Amit Mital

Strategic Advisor

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Shane Sharpe

Vice President, Sales North America

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Tia Hopkins

Vice President, Global Sales Engineering

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Chris Braden

Vice President, Global Channels and Alliances

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Megan Eckhardt

Vice President, Go-To-Market Programs and Enablement

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Mark Sangster

Vice President and Industry Security Strategist

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Rob Watson

Vice President, Security Services

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Leslie Marinaro

Vice President, Customer Success

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Peter Romano

Chief Information Security Officer

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Michael Corbin

Chief Information Officer

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Art Munson

Vice President, Machine Learning

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Alex Jinivizian

Vice President, Strategy and International Marketing

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