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Over 2000 Organizations Count On eSentire to Build Resilience and Prevent Business Disruption

eSentire Exposure Management, Managed Detection and Response, and Incident Response services help you build a more resilient security operation so you can anticipate, withstand, and recover from even the most sophisticated cyberattacks.

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The eSentire MDR Difference

Build Resilience. Prevent Disruption

Operational Leadership

Be protected by a trusted provider recognized globally as the Authority in Managed Detection and Response

Service Capability

Get unmatched, complete threat response capabilities with a 15-min Mean Time to Contain, driven by our open XDR Platform

Talent Expertise

Outmaneuver even the most sophisticated attackers with the eSentire Cyber Resilience Team, who are personally dedicated to protecting your organization

Threat Intelligence

Stay ahead of advanced cyberattacks with proactive threat intelligence, original threat research, and the eSentire Threat Response Unit (TRU), a world-class team of seasoned industry veterans.

Measurable MDR Value

Get full transparency into the health of your environment and how we protect your critical assets from threats with our Executive Dashboard, Insight Portal, and Cyber Resilience Score

Culture & Experience

Our team is your team and we are motivated to demonstrate each and every day that an Attack On You Is An Attack On Us.

Why Security Leaders Choose eSentire

Hughes Hubbard & Reed


Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP is a New York-based international law firm, with offices in New York, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Miami, Kansas City, Paris, Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro.

The nice thing with eSentire is that they’re always looking at my network, my environment, and everything that’s coming through. I can sleep at night. I don’t need to have a 24/7 SOC. I know that my network is being looked at and if they see something that they deem to be a threat, they can prevent it, or block it and stop it, and get a hold of my team if needed.

Leon Goldstein
Chief Information Officer

Texas United Management Corportation


Texas United Management Corporation is a mining & metals company that offers brine commercial production services.

We look at eSentire to be the experts. We trust them implicitly. One of the key differentiators I feel about eSentire in their response methodology is they’re with us through the thick and thin till the end so we're comfortable until the issue is resolved.”

Ray Texter
Chief of Information Security



Elemica is a leading digital supply network for process manufacturers.

With eSentire we're able to get the managed SOC, 24/7 detection & threat hunting, the consolidated dashboard, all the reporting in real-time and historical.”

Steve Troncelliti
Vice President IT, CISO

Quarles & Brady


Quarles & Brady is a national multi-discipline legal firm that practices over 25 areas of law.

I would recommend eSentire without hesitation to a peer and I have done this numerous times in the past.”

Rich Raether
Chief Information Officer



THL is a private equity firm that invests in middle market growth companies across the Financial Technology & Services, Healthcare, and Technology & Business Solutions industries.

eSentire from day 1 is part of our playbook, part of our plan, to help ensure that we can manage our risks, understand where our vulnerabilities exist, close those gaps, and continue to mature month-over-month as the world changes.”

Mark Benaquista
Managing Director



CubeSmart is a real estate investment trust that owns, operates, acquires, and builds self-storage facilities for residential and commercial use across the United States.

I definitely consider eSentire an extension of my team. The collaboration between both sides led us to having more effective coverage. Everybody at eSentire is passionate. They believe what they are doing has a purpose. I have recommended eSentire to a number of peers and it comes down to just how much I’ve come to trust that eSentire is there and looking out for my network and my environment.”

Paul Lynch
Director of Information, Security and Infrastructure

Emirates Hospitals Group


Emirates Hospitals Group is a provider of integrated healthcare services that owns and operates an extensive portfolio of full-service hospitals, specialty clinics, urgent care centers, aesthetic/cosmetic clinics and pharmacies across the UAE.

eSentire checked all the boxes that I was looking for – a single pane of glass for managing my whole network with very experienced people."

Ramakrishnan Natarajan
Head of IT


Customer Case Studies

Venerable logo



Top insurance annuity company benefits from eSentire’s 24/7 threat detection & response and cloud security posture management to secure their multi-cloud environment.


Leading US-based organization in the insurance annuity sector that focuses on building and growing insurance businesses with long-term capital.

A big part of why eSentire has shown value to us, in addition to the people, is how far ahead they are from a technology standpoint. At Venerable, we are very committed to leveraging cloud technologies and we need a partner whose people and technology are there first.
Simon Scully
Assistant Vice President, IT Security - Security Operations

Customer Challenge

  • Venerable was adopting a multi-cloud strategy which added a layer of complexity as it’s harder to monitor and enforce standardized configurations across multiple platforms.
  • Native security features vary across each cloud platform and achieving a “single pane of glass” operational state across cloud environments was a challenge.
  • With their cloud technologies constantly evolving and they needed to not only be able to keep up with that evolution, but also have the resources necessary to secure their technologies.

Security Outcomes Delivered

  • eSentire’s MDR solution included 24/7 threat detection & investigation, cloud security posture management and MDR for Microsoft.
  • Venerable was able to gain the right security expertise to monitor and enforce standardized configurations across multiple cloud platforms to protect against misconfigurations and vulnerabilities.
  • They achieved a “single pane of glass” for their multi-cloud security environment.
  • By working with eSentire, they keep pace with the evolution of various cloud technologies.
  • We help them outpace their business technology requirements by maintaining a cohesive cybersecurity strategy that combines the necessary toolsets, resources, and cyber expertise regional hubs in other major markets.
IRIS logo

Iris Software Group


High-growth UK software company uses eSentire MDR services to get new levels of visibility and protection during its digital transformation to the cloud


UK-based software company that provides operational software to Accountants, Corporations, SMEs and educational establishments. Growing rapidly with 16 sites in the UK and additional sites in North America.

eSentire gives us confidence in the form of world-class security expertise protecting our environment from events on our network.
David Adams
IT Technical Authority

Customer Challenge

  • IRIS has grown aggressively through acquisition and organic growth across a range of vertical sectors. As it took on more technology stacks from acquired companies, network visibility and management information – especially being able to identify nefarious activity – became increasingly important for IRIS.
  • The company developed and began executing on a strategy to move software and workloads to the cloud. Given the additional layer of security complexity and risk cloud brings, IRIS knew they needed a service provider that would keep their hybrid environment secure.
  • IRIS realized early on that it couldn’t tackle the challenges ahead and manage growing volumes of network traffic with a small security team.

Security Outcomes Delivered

  • IRIS realized the immediate benefits of eSentire services soon after deployment. eSentire Vulnerability Management Service revealed several vulnerabilities that could be addressed immediately.
  • eSentire multi-signal MDR has identified attack patterns in which threat actors would try to execute malicious code on IRIS’ network, through a website, and notified them of several scans looking for open ports on its firewall. The IRIS security team used this information to block the offending source IP, which originated in the Seychelles.
  • Adding eSentire MDR for Log has provided unprecedented visibility across IRIS’ environment by gathering information from across its broad array of network products and endpoints.

Thomas H. Lee Partners


eSentire MDR provides 24/7 threat detection for 30+ THL portfolio companies to improve their cyber controls, governance, and mitigate the risk of impacting deal valuation.


Private equity firm investing in middle market growth companies, headquartered in North America across Business and Financial Services, Consumer and Retail, Healthcare, and Media, Information Services and Technology.

eSentire from day 1 is part of our playbook to help ensure that we can manage our risk, understand where vulnerabilities exist, close those gaps, and they continue to mature month over month, as the world changes. The only way we can sleep at night is to have a partner like eSentire at our side.
Mark Benaquista
Managing Director

Customer Challenge

  • THL knew that as a private equity firm, they are a target when there are announcements in the news about acquiring or exiting companies.
  • Threat actors research and target investments knowing they have cyber insurance.
  • THL wanted an MDR provider that could be a partner to all of their portfolio companies that were challenged with:
    • A lack of in-house expertise or resources for 24/7 threat detection and response.
    • Limited access to best-in-class tools that show where cyber risks exist, how they're being managed, and areas of improvement
  • THL needed a holistic view of the threat landscape impacting their portfolio companies.
  • THL was looking for a partner who would help identify risks, protect assets, provide phishing and security awareness training, and build a mature security operation.

Security Outcomes Delivered

  • THL relies on eSentire expertise during new deals to analyze what security measures are in place. Then eSentire works with the portfolio company to rapidly deploy the right MDR services.
  • eSentire's MDR approach includes best-in-class tools at a cost-effective price for THL's portfolio companies as part of service delivery.
  • With eSentire MDR, THL has 24/7 eyes on glass and a team dedicated to identifying and containing threats rapidly that can take response actions on their behalf, so their management teams can focus on growth and scaling.
  • eSentire’s MDR approach allows THL to reduce risk by ensuring visibility and a consistent security posture across their portfolio.
  • eSentire works with THL to review monthly portfolio metrics and provides a complete view of cyber resilience across all of their investments that can be rolled up for THL’s managing directors.

Global Investment Firm


Global investment firm uses eSentire MDR services to protect proprietary information and private data


As one of the world’s largest asset management firms, this global investment firm offers financial products and services throughout the world and has major presence in North America and Europe with regional hubs in other major markets.

The information we get back from eSentire is much more filtered, in a good way—there’s considerably less noise than we’re used to because the investigation has been done before it comes over to us. Our experience with other companies is that they just send a stream of logs and make understanding it our problem.
IT Security Lead
Global Investment Firm

Customer Challenge

  • The customer had a fairly good-sized security team, but struggled to handle alerts, do triaging and investigation on top of their day jobs.
  • The firm needed a Security Operations Center (SOC) that could provide 24/7 global coverage, but building their own SOC was too complex and costly.
  • They needed an MDR solution that could provide multi-signal coverage and be a partner to their existing security team.
  • The firm was shifting to remote work and migrating to the cloud.

Security Outcomes Delivered

  • Around-the-clock global network coverage with 24-hour support from eSentire threat hunters who respond to and contain threats.
  • Cost-effective solution compared to building an in-house 24/7 SOC.
  • Significantly reduced workload for the IT and security teams - eSentire has already detected and stopped multiple threats that the firm believes would have gone under the radar in the past.
  • eSentire has detected every single penetration test run since deployment.

Global Architectural Design Firm


Global Architectural Design Firm Uses MDR Services to Protect its Most Valuable Assets


Global architectural design firm that provides services to a wide range of sectors, including Government, Mission Critical, Health, Commercial, Civic, Cultural, and more. One of the largest architectural firms in the world with dozens of offices spread around the world: Asia & Pacific, Europe, Middle East & North Africa, Latin America and North America.

Our strategy is to disrupt an attacker at every portion of the attack chain, and we know that detecting and responding as quickly as we can is critical—which is another reason why I love eSentire. If I found myself at another company, bringing in eSentire would be one of the first things I’d do.
Vice President of Information Technology
Global Architecture Firm

Customer Challenge

  • The firm knew that protecting their data was vital to maintain client privacy, competitive advantage, and—in many cases—national security.
  • They relied upon a hybrid infrastructure mixing on premises storage and cloud services. Due to a tremendous amount of collaboration between offices, data had to be accessible and shareable. Plus, the team needed safeguards and security controls for when they were sharing information and designs with customers, partners and vendors.
  • The small IT team based in the United States was unable to ensure 24/7 threat detection and response. The VP of IT states, “We were probably doing 90 percent of the security hygiene things a lot of the must-haves,” but he concedes the reality that, “we definitely performed better in the 8 to 5 workday, and cybersecurity activities were performed while team members were wearing a second or third hat.”

Security Outcomes Delivered

  • Protecting critical data assets ensures customer privacy, competitive advantage and security for sensitive projects.
  • Around-the-clock global network coverage with 24-hour support from eSentire threat hunters who respond to and contain threats.
  • Cost-effective solution versus running and staffing an in-house 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC).
  • Quick and efficient service deployment – eSentire MDR solution was up and running fast, including training of international teams.
  • Peace of mind and operational freedom: eSentire is trusted to detect and contain threats rapidly, ensuring business continuity and allowing IT resources to focus effort on introducing technologies and services to enhance and enable the business.

Global Investment Company


Global investment organization operating in 82 countries migrates all infrastructure to AWS, deploys MDR for visibility and cloud security posture management.


A global investment organization operating in 82 countries sought out to complete a digital transformation project, migrating all infrastructure to AWS, becoming a cloud-first organization.


Customer Challenge

  • The company launched a massive digital transformation project, migrating all infrastructure to AWS, becoming a cloud-first organization.
  • The customer recognized that the skill set and security tooling needed for the success of this migration required them to partner with an experienced MDR partner, who could provide visibility across their growing AWS footprint.
  • eSentire worked hand in hand with the organization to define the outcomes needed and deployed multi-signal MDR providing full threat visibility, threat detection and rapid response across Network, Cloud, Endpoint and Log environments. Complimented by Managed Vulnerability Services.

Security Outcomes Delivered

  • eSentire MDR ensures that their AWS infrastructure is protected 24/7 by eSentire’s global SOC Cyber Analysts and Elite Threat Hunters.
  • Having infrastructure spread across 15 AWS accounts, containing over 200 resources in addition to on-premise components, eSentire’s MDR service provides a consolidated view of threats across networks.
  • Leveraging eSentire’s multi-signal MDR with visibility into the Network, Log, Endpoint, and Cloud, as well as eSentire’s Managed Vulnerability Service, SOC Analysts are able to investigate detected threats and provide remote remediation support 24/7.
  • Upon initial deployment, eSentire discovered approximately 3,500 alert conditions within the AWS environment. Working with the customer, services were tuned to filter false positives and critical misconfigurations were remediated.
  • eSentire also detected unusual user activity within an AWS account, which resulted in the identification of potential unauthorized access threat that was investigated, contained, and eliminated.
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What Our Customers Say

Understand the Full Buyer Experience

With hybrid work and cloud services expanding your threat surface, threat actors becoming increasingly sophisticated and cybersecurity expertise harder than ever to find, we understand how challenging it has become to protect your business and its critical assets.

Our personalized threat protection is unparalleled in the industry - we see and stop cyberattacks other providers miss and take real ownership in delivering the most complete threat response. We work hard to earn our reputation as the Authority in Managed Detection and Response, each and every day.

Info-Tech Research Group recently published the Managed Detection and Response Buyer Experience Report comparing our service delivery to our industry peers. Real customers were asked what they thought about us, and the value they received from our services. Our customer satisfaction scores demonstrate our commitment to service excellence and continuous improvement in everything we do.

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eSentire Managed Detection & Response
Buyer Experience Report

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Peer-To-Peer Reviews

Read the latest reviews from your peers on eSentire's cutting-edge machine learning XDR technology, 24/7 Threat Hunting, and proven MDR leadership.

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“Cybersecurity BEST IN CLASS Vendor. As a customer of 8 years, watching eSentire grow and maintain the same level of service is beyond impressive. They are the best at what they do and they also understand the importance of educating their customers on emerging cybersecurity threats and topics of concern.”

Ross C.
Director of Technology

Private Investment Firm

image of 5 stars

"Excellent account management and support. Very willing to work with us to ensure that our unique requirements are met. This service gives my team peace of mind that there is always a qualified analyst on watch. Regular reviews have kept us up to date on what they are doing and what we need to watch out for and address. Very thorough."

Steve L.
Cybersecurity Company

Enterprise Company

image of 5 stars

"eSentire provides a comprehensive MDR solution that is scalable for companies of any size. Their SOC is incredibly responsive and gives us near-instant insight into suspicious activity on endpoints and network assets. Of late, eSentire has been closely partnering with Microsoft, aligning well with our increased leverage of Azure resources."

Jordan F.
Director of Technology

Mid-Market Company

image of 5 stars

"The responsiveness, flexibility, and ability to tailor security solutions for your organization makes eSentire truly feel like more of an extension of your IT organization rather than a business partner."

Executive Sponsor
Hospital & Healthcare

Enterprise Company

image of 5 stars

"I like the fact that we can engage at anytime throughout the day with the SOC team and they are always ready to help with whatever security issues we are facing."

Bryon S.

Enterprise Company

gartner star rating
gartner customer first badge

Based on 25 Reviews
As of Sep 22, 2022

image of 5 stars

eSentire is one of a select few vendors who continually under-promise and over-deliver. They’re a key part of our security stack. Dedicated focus on our security. Team of experts available is excellent.

Chief Information Officer

in the Financial Industry

image of 5 stars

"On-boarding experience was excellent. The eSentire staff were extremely knowledgeable and were able to resolve all issues quickly. Alerts come in a timely way (we have actually timed some alerts and they come in a quickly as 12 seconds). Customer service is excellent. Requests are acknowledged within minutes and resolution comes a few minutes after that. This is the best MDR service, hands down!"

SVP IT, Infrastructure and Operations

in the Securities and Investment Industry

image of 5 stars

"It has been a few years now since we migrated from one of the big MSSP players to eSentire and their MDR services. It may be the best decision I have ever made in my security career. I was incredibly impressed with their well defined process and talented staff at every level. I continue to praise their customer service, capability and responsiveness. I recommend them without hesitation."

VP, Cybersecurity & Network

in the Media Industry

image of 5 stars

"Exceptional on-boarding experience, quick and simple. An incredibly great Security Operations Centre at the heart of their product suite. Always developing their product to meet their customers needs. Some of the best customer relationship management I have ever experienced."

SVP, Information Technology

in the Finance Industry

image of 5 stars

"I've been an eSentire customer from their early days and have implemented their products at a number of firms I've run technology for. Their capabilities have grown over that time dramatically and I consider them to be a trusted partner and extension of my team when it comes to our cybersecurity program"

Head of Technology

in the Finance Industry


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