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eSentire Announces Global Partnership with Lacework


You're in the cloud.
We're all-in to protect you.

We protect your cloud with 24/7 Managed Detection and Response, Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), and Cloud Workload Protection (CWPP). Our experts provide seamless monitoring, scanning and control over your cloud environments and applications, delivering unmatched visibility, multi-signal correlation and complete protection from cloud-specific threats.

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To eSentire - A Risk is A Risk

On-Premises. In The Cloud. Hybrid. We're All-In To Protect You.

It's important to have a comprehensive cloud security solution no matter your environment. Securing your cloud environment requires both configuration and runtime protection to be successful.

That's why eSentire has brought together 24/7 Managed Detection and Response for Cloud, Cloud Security Posture Management and Cloud Workload Protection.

24/7 Managed Detection and Response for Cloud

We detect, investigate and respond to threats specific to multi-cloud environments leveraging our cloud-native XDR platform, proprietary MITRE ATT&CK mapped detections, and our 24/7 Security Operations Centers (SOCs) staffed with Elite Threat Hunters and experienced Cyber Analysts.

Cloud Security Posture Management

We eliminate the risk of critical cloud misconfigurations by providing continuous cloud visibility, configuration management, asset tracking, and mapping to compliance frameworks including PCI, HIPAA, CIS, and SOC 2. Gain comprehensive visibility across your cloud infrastructure with anomaly-based threat detection and proactive, prioritized cloud threat response.

Cloud Workload Protection

We see and understand cloud changes at scale without requiring manual interventions by your team every time a new cloud service or technology is adopted. Our Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP) offering runs natively in the cloud and provides continuous build to run-time threat detection, behavioral anomaly detection, and compliance across multi-cloud environments, workloads, accounts, containers, and Kubernetes.

Network on AWS

We extend our proprietary on-prem network detection capabilities into AWS for real-time deep packet inspection and response including firewall integration. Leverage behavioral-based anomaly detection and attack pattern analysis to identify and contain threats.

How We Help

We protect your multi-cloud environments and cloud based applications with 24/7 threat detection, investigation and response, combined with best-of-breed Cloud Security Posture Management and Cloud Workload Protection.

Most cloud threats stem from the misconfiguration and unaccounted use of the cloud platform itself. In addition, many security leaders are challenged with having the in-house resources necessary to build, optimize, and manage their multi-cloud environments without requiring continuous manual monitoring.

At eSentire, we prioritize the detection of cloud-based vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and suspicious activity across any cloud environment – no matter where your users and data reside – so you can focus on scaling your business operations securely.

We protect your multi-cloud environments and cloud based applications with 24/7 threat detection, investigation and response, combined with best-of-breed Cloud Security Posture Management and Cloud Workload Protection. Our cloud experts have a deep understanding of the refined tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) leveraged by cyberattackers in multi-cloud environments.

We go beyond traditional security measures to safeguard your business from a wide range of threats across various environments, including Virtual Machines (VMs), containers, and Kubernetes in multi-cloud environments across AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. By leveraging our expertise and cutting-edge technologies, we provide seamless protection for your cloud- infrastructure and address a myriad of complex security challenges including:

Misconfigurations Icon
Policy Violations Icon
Rapidly Evolving Threat Landscape
Unauthorized Access Icon
Compliance and Legal Issues
Insecure Interfaces Icon
Cloud/Hybrid Complexity
Unusual Admin Activity Icon
Lack of Visibility
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Container Security
Exposed Data Icon
DevOps Security
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Lack of Expertise

We provide:

  • 24/7 Cloud Visibility, Threat Detection, Investigation and Prioritized Remediation Recommendations & Support
  • 24/7 Security Posture Management (Cloud and Kubernetes)
  • Managed Vulnerability Scanning Across Your Multi-Cloud Environment
  • Threat Response Unit (TRU) Proprietary Novel Detections
  • Actionable Insight and Data Correlation From Your Cloud Escalations
  • 24/7 Data Correlation Across Cloud, Endpoint, Network and Log Sources
  • 24/7 Workload Security (Virtual Machines, Containers and Kubernetes)
  • Real-time deep-packet inspection of VPC traffic in AWS and response action with industry-leading firewalls
  • Proactive Elite Threat Hunting Expertise
  • Deep Knowledge of TTPs Specific for Multi-Cloud Environments
  • Scalable, Reliable, Redundant Cloud-Native MDR Support

Managed Detection & Response for Cloud

Cloud Security Posture Management

Cloud Workload Protection

MDR for Network on AWS

Managed Detection and Response for Cloud

How We Help

  • 24/7 threat detection mapped to MITRE ATT&CK framework
  • Rapid human-led investigations
  • Purpose-built detections and automated disruptions from XDR Platform
  • Detection engineering from the eSentire Threat Response Unit (TRU)

Your Outcomes

  • Reduced risk for data loss and exfiltration
  • Reduced risk of security incidents in your multi-cloud environment
  • Improved cloud visibility and MITRE coverage
  • Reduced threat actor dwell time
  • Alleviate resource constraints
  • Improved cyber resiliency

Cloud Security Posture Management

How We Help

  • 24/7 deep visibility and cloud control
  • Security rules and best practices governing and controlling your multi-cloud environment
  • Detect, investigate and remediate critical misconfigurations, security vulnerabilities, policy violations and Indicators of Compromise
  • Behavior-based anomaly detection driven by machine learning and behavioral analytics
  • Proactively identify and address potential security violations, prioritized by their risk profile, to limit cloud misconfigurations and reduce cyber risk
  • 24/7 Security Posture Management (Cloud and Kubernetes)
  • CSPM maps findings to popular compliance frameworks like CIS, PCI, HIPAA, SOC2 and others

Your Outcomes

  • Maximize ROI on multi-cloud environments
  • Enforcement of critical security rules
  • Cloud security program that scales
  • Reduced cloud knowledge gaps
  • Improved time to value in managing risks at the administration level of your multi-cloud environment
  • Rapid threat detection while reducing alert fatigue
  • Reduced cybersecurity incidents in your multi-cloud environment
  • Benchmark your cloud application configurations against industry and organizational standards
  • Get guardrails for your developers to avoid common misconfigurations

Cloud Workload Protection

How We Help

  • Proactive protection of your cloud resources no matter where they reside
  • Detect, investigate, and remediate critical security vulnerabilities across your multi-cloud environments
  • Comprehensive cloud coverage
  • Deep integration of security signals from your cloud environments and external threat intelligence
  • 24/7 Security Posture Management (Cloud and Kubernetes)
  • CSPM maps findings to popular compliance frameworks like CIS, PCI, HIPAA, SOC2 and others

Your Outcomes

  • Complete visibility into your workloads and container events
  • Unparalleled detection and response capability for workloads with real-time attack narratives
  • Prioritized risk remediation
  • Discover potential vulnerabilities early on in your development cycle

MDR for Network on AWS

How We Help

  • Real-time agent-less deep-packet inspection of VPC traffic across AWS environments
  • Advanced insights and behavioral analysis
  • Continuous integration of the latest threat intelligence and rulesets
  • Proprietary global IP blocklist that is continuously updated and published to all network sensors
  • Detection and automated blocking of known and elusive attackers
  • Multi-signal visibility for stronger threat correlation and investigation

Your Outcomes

  • Escalated levels of response actions including email alerts, TCP Reset and integration with industry-leading firewalls.
  • All detections and response actions are mapped and stored, according to MITRE framework
  • Decreased threat actor dwell time
  • Detection and automated blocking of known and elusive attackers
  • Satisfaction of compliance requirements
  • Reduced Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) and Mean Time to Respond (MTTR)

We’re all-in 24/7

Whatever the cloud brings to your business,
we're all-into keep you ahead of disruption.

Cloud Experts

Go boldly towards your business ambitions knowing our SOC Cyber Analysts and Elite Threat Hunters always have your back. Powered by our cloud-native XDR platform, multi-signal threat intelligence and unique behavior-based cloud insights we’re all in to protect you 24/7.

Reduce Cloud Risks

Eliminate critical misconfiguration and runtime risks with continuous visibility, vulnerability monitoring, asset tracking, proactive threat hunting and novel detection models across AWS, Azure and Google Cloud platforms.

Proactive Threat Response

Contain cloud attacks faster, before they become business disrupting events, with automated response capabilities, deep multi-signal investigation and prioritized threat response that others simply cannot match.


Not all MDR is created equal. Learn more about the Response & Remediation you can expect from eSentire.

Our Best-of-Breed Technology Ecosystem Approach

Our MDR for Cloud Ecosystem includes:

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Simplify Multi-Cloud Security with Lacework

We are Lacework’s first global Managed Detection and Response partner and are proud to provide our Cloud Workload Protection service with Lacework, expanding our deep expertise across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud with further visibility, differentiated behavior-based threat detection and context-rich insights to fuel our multi-signal threat investigations. Through this partnership you can leverage your existing investment in the Lacework platform in a Bring Your Own License (BYOL) scenario for eSentire management, or partner with us for a completely Managed Offering.

The Lacework Polygraph® Data Platform automatically learns and understands behaviors across an organization’s cloud environment using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cloud behavioral analytics. From there, eSentire’s 24/7 SOC Cyber Analysts and renowned Threat Response Unit (TRU) stop active threats before they become business disrupting events with a Mean Time to Contain of less than 15 minutes. If an automated block is not possible, we perform multi-signal investigation and prioritize threat response recommendations with informed guidance in alignment with your team.

  • Rapidly identify misconfigurations with visibility across multi-cloud environments (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • Get 24/7 workload security for virtual machines, container environments and Kubernetes
  • Meet compliance mandates and ensure complete attack surface protection mapped to industry compliance frameworks like PCI, HIPAA, CIS and SOC 2
  • Patented machine learning and behavioral analytics automatically detect anomalies in cloud user behavior and platfrom API interactions
  • Proactive response from our 24/7 SOC Cyber Analysts to resolve critical misconfigurations, open IP ports, unauthorized modifications, and other issues that leave cloud resources exposed


eSentire Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)



eSentire Cloud Workload Protection (CWPP)


Managed Detection And Response For Your Multi-Cloud Environment

We understand each cloud platform is unique and has different uses in a multi-cloud strategy. We deliver 24/7 Threat Detection & Investigation and Cloud Security Posture Management across AWS, Microsoft and GCP.

MDR for Microsoft

Aws Competency Level 1 Logo

We hunt and investigate threats across Microsoft Cloud services including but not limited to:

  • Microsoft Sentinel
  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
  • Microsoft Defender for Office 365
  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps
  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure Blob Storage

We’re a Microsoft Security Solutions Partner with MXDR status.



Aws Competency Level 1 Logo

We hunt and investigate threats across AWS services including but not limited to:

  • AWS Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
  • AWS Relational Database Service (RDS)
  • AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • AWS Shield Advanced
  • AWS GuardDuty
  • AWS CloudTrail

We're certified as an AWS L1 MSSP


MDR for Google

Aws Competency Level 1 Logo

We hunt and investigate threats across Google Cloud services including but not limited to:

  • GCP Cloud Storage
  • GCP Compute Engine
  • GCP Cloud IAM
  • GCP Cloud SQL
  • GCP Cloud KMS
  • Google Cloud IAM
  • Google Workspace Security Center

Connect with an eSentire Security Specialist


Learn about the industry’s most advanced XDR Platform.

MDR Built To Scale With Your Growing Multi-Cloud Environment

The eSentire XDR Cloud Platform makes eSentire’s Managed Detection and Response service possible. Patented machine learning eliminates noise, enables real-time detection and response and automatically blocks known and unknown threats. Our distributed, cloud-native platform was built to provide security, reliability, and redundancy at scale and on demand to grow with your business and cloud security needs.

Ecosystem Diagram

It's time for comprehensive cloud protection that scales. Ready to get started?

Cloud Content Driven By Industry Experts

eSentire's Threat Response Unit (TRU) delivers counter-threat research and proprietary content to stay ahead of attackers targeting multi-cloud environments. TRU builds proprietary detectors, and runbooks across AWS, Microsoft and Google environments, all mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework. We publish original research and security advisories so you're up-to-date on the latest cyber landscape and cloud security risks.


eSentire in Action

24/7 MDR with Azure Sentinel & Azure Active Directory (AD)

The Challenge

Threat actors commonly try to remove important security controls like multi-factor authentication (MFA) to gain or maintain access to a user account they have targeted.


24/7 SOC Cyber Analysts are alerted via Azure Sentinel whenever MFA requirements are removed and follow a proprietary runbook to streamline the investigation process.


A sudden change in MFA requirements is very unusual and a potential indicator of compromise. With the right context established and the eSentire XDR platform’s direct integration with Azure AD, our analyst can suspend the credentials of the user who removed the MFA policy, minimizing the risk of any other important security policies being tampered with.

Threat Detection and Investigations in Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

The Challenge

Cloud infrastructure providers like GCP provide significant geographic regional control on where their data is stored. Threat actors can use this to their advantage as a means of evading detection, by creating cloud instances in unused geographic service regions.


eSentire has a proprietary GCP detector and investigative runbook designed to regularly scan for cloud administrative activity in typically unused GCP regions and our 24/7 SOC Cyber Analysts are alerted if such activity is identified.


Our analysts alert would alert you and confirm if the activity is expected or not. If not, SOC analysts would recommend the user’s credentials be suspended, perform further investigative work to determine if any other malicious admin activities happened, and find the initial intrusion source.

Real-time MDR With Network on AWS

The Challenge

Many in-house security teams don’t have visibility across their AWS network traffic, which means they can’t monitor potential cyber threats across their full AWS environment.


Through eSentire MDR for Network for AWS, we leverage native AWS traffic mirroring to perform deep packet inspection based on signature and behavior-based detections using both industry standard commercial detections and proprietary detections developed by our TRU team.


Our analysts respond to threats in the cloud network at three different levels depending on the permissions granted; we send an email alert with instructions for your security team, perform a
TCP-RST at the VPC level and/or respond at the firewall level via an API integration.

Security Leaders Count on eSentire

A logo of eSentire’s customer, M&C Saatchi, placed alongside with a testimonial from the company’s Chief Information Officer, who describes how eSentire stands out from other MDR service providers.
By combining eSentire’s Atlas XDR cloud platform, with 24/7 Threat Hunting and sophisticated security operations leadership, eSentire has helped shape our security defense and helped us improve our cyber resiliency."
Neil Waugh
Chief Information Officer | M&C Saatchi
A logo of HKS Architects, who leverage eSentire SOC-as-a-Service and the expertise 24/7 SOC Team to defend against cyber threats.
Every time we call the eSentire SOC, we get a true security analyst on the first touch to walk us through our incidents clearly and efficiently. No other provider delivers such personalized service and expertise. Leveraging the eSentire Atlas platform, in conjunction with access to their sophisticated threat intelligence team, we have been able to cut our incident time to resolution in half."
Michael Smith
Vice President, Director of Information Technology | HKS
Venerable greyscale logo
A big part of why eSentire has shown value to us, in addition to the people, is how far ahead they are from a technology standpoint. eSentire gets ahead of the direction that we’re moving in before we know we’re heading in that direction."
Simon Scully
Assistant Vice President, IT Security - Security Operations | Venerable
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