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eSentire MDR for Cloud for DevOps Security

When it comes to implementing DevOps practices, IT Security teams often have to grapple with many challenges, including integrating security processes in the CI/CD process, managing container vulnerabilities and orchestration risks, managing credentials and access controls, and maintaining full visibility over the CI/CD pipeline – all while balancing speed and security.

However, balancing the cybersecurity obligations while streamlining software development and delivery may compromise the ability to protect cloud workloads from potential security gaps and vulnerabilities.

eSentire MDR for Cloud enhances your organization’s cloud security, increases efficiency and productivity, improves threat detection and response, with streamlined compliance management, and actionable insights and reporting. In turn, this means your team can build a robust and secure cloud infrastructure while focusing on delivering high-quality software applications.

Download this solution brief to learn more about how your organization can Integrate security into your CI/CD pipelines to ensure security, compliance, and automation of cloud workloads and infrastructure and enhance cyber resilience.

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