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 eSentire Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) with Lacework

Given the complex and dynamic nature of cloud environments, legacy on-premises tools and traditional cybersecurity approaches can’t offer adequate protection from configuration errors, vulnerabilities, and cyber threats. These challenges are complicated further if your business needs a multi-cloud environment for day-to-day operations.

At eSentire, we detect, investigate, prioritize, and respond to potential cyber threats and cybersecurity violations across your multi-cloud environment through our Cloud Security Posture Management Service, in partnership with Lacework.

We bring clarity and control to your cloud risks so you can ensure your on-premises, cloud, and hybrid infrastructure is secure. In addition, we help you ensure continuous compliance against industry frameworks like PCI, HIPAA, and CIS, and protect your sensitive data and cloud resources from unauthorized exposure without requiring significant uplift from your IT security teams.

Read the Data Sheet to learn how Cloud Security Posture Management protects your multi-cloud environment with proactive, prioritized cloud threat response to eliminate the risk of critical cloud misconfigurations.

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