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20+ Questions To Ask When You’re Evaluating an MDR Service Provider

Separate MDR fact from fiction to select the right MDR service provider to secure your business.

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In the latest Managed Detection and Response (MDR) market Gartner guide, it is estimated that there are now over 200 MDR service providers globally. With so many MDR providers and variations of what they provide, many organizations are asking themselves, “What is true MDR and how do I select the right MDR service provider for my organization?”

The questions in this guide are applicable to any MDR provider regardless of the variation of MDR they deliver. This guide should serve to qualify or disqualify a potential MDR service provider from consideration in relation to their ability to deliver against your unique MDR requirements. Organizations considering an MDR service provider are encouraged to ask for customer references, visit in person or participate in virtual Security Operations Center tours, participate in demonstrations of delivery in real-world scenarios and poll peers as well as industry analysts for experiences with MDR provider satisfaction. 

Read this MDR service provider guide to learn:

  • The definition of Managed Detection and Response

  • The five recurring challenges and measurable components that MDR service providers should address

  • The top questions to help you qualify potential MDR service providers and why they matter

After reading this MDR service provider guide, you will understand what MDR is, what is the right MDR protection for your business, and how to choose an MDR service provider for your organization.

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