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24/7 SOC-as-a-Service with Unlimited Incident Handling & Threat Hunting


Watch this video featuring Team Leads, Cyber Analysts and Incident Handlers, that act as an extension of our customers’ teams, to get an inside look at eSentire’s 24/7 global Security Operations Centers (SOCs).

Our Cyber Analysts investigate enriched alerts and actively work to quickly determine if malicious behavior is occurring. When they do find a positive indicator in a customer environment, there is a sense of urgency and ownership that a customer is under threat and our analysts immediately begin response and remediation.

If one of our Cyber Analyst determines there is a hands-on-keyboard attacker or ransomware attack unfolding, the analyst will engage our Incident Handling Team, that is on staff for every shift. They will take command of the incident at that point, and they become the main point of contact for the customer to scope the intrusion, identify threat actor activity in the environment and to ensure full remediation.

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