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Venerable: Insurance Annuity Sector Case Study

Venerable is a leading US-based organization holding organization within the insurance annuity sector that focuses on building and growing insurance businesses with long-term capital. Venerable’s small but mighty security team needed a trusted security partner that could mitigate cyber risks and address multi-cloud security by:

  • Evolving at the same speed with which cloud technologies are evolving,
  • Prioritizing a security strategy that encapsulates the necessary toolsets, resources, and cyber expertise that can support their security roadmap and outpace their business technology requirements, and
  • Having the security expertise to ensure that their multi-cloud environment was protected against misconfigurations and vulnerabilities.

In addition, Venerable wanted a partner with deep expertise and a strong reputation within the financial and insurance annuity space that would allow their team to zoom out and take an integrated approach toward building a complete security posture. Lastly, since Venerable leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) and recently began to adopt Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365, they also needed a partner that had experience with evolving cloud technology and multi-cloud environments.

Venerable selected eSentire to mitigate cyber risks and address their multi-cloud security strategy through:

  • 24/7 Threat Detection and Investigation
  • Cloud Security Posture Management
  • MDR for Microsoft

Read this case study to learn why Venerable selected eSentire and how they benefit from 24/7 threat detection and response as well as cloud security posture management to secure their multi-cloud environment.

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