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HIPAA Security Checklist for Administrative and Technical Safeguards

The goal of HIPAA’s Security Rule is to protect patients’ electronic protected health information while fostering improvement in the quality and efficiency of patient care. Under this rule, healthcare delivery organizations must implement the required safeguards or face the penalties for non-compliance.

However, most healthcare practices have constrained resources, making it challenging for them to comply with HIPAA’s Security Rule while mitigating cyber risk from an evolving cyber threat landscape.

At eSentire, we work with healthcare delivery organizations—ranging from individual practices to major hospitals and their business associates—to ensure they have the systems, processes, and controls in place to protect their practice, patient data, and most importantly, critical operations.

Download this healthcare cybersecurity checklist to see how we map to HIPAA Security Standards, and find out how our services can support you in adhering to compliance requirements for administrative and technical safeguards with our 24/7 cybersecurity services.

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