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Managed risk services GLOSSARY

What is red team testing?

A red team exercise is a simulation of an advanced threat actor to test your organization's prevention, detection and response capabilities and is a more in-depth than a penetration test.

It combines various techniques to evade detection and prevention capabilities, including OSINT, phishing, wireless and covert physical and network attack tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs).

Results from a red team exercise allows your team to identify areas of greatest risk and remediation recommendations.

eSentire Managed Risk Services

Take control of cyber risk. eSentire offers multiple Managed Risk Services, tailored to your business needs, to help your organization proactively identify gaps and refine your cybersecurity strategy. This includes a regular cadence of security assessments and testing to continue to strengthen your security posture

Learn how eSentire Multi-Signal Managed Detection and Response stops threats before they impact your business.