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Protect Your Employees, Executive Team, and Customer Data from the Dark Web

Safeguard your organization with early detection of compromised credentials, minimize unauthorized access, and avoid costly data breaches with eSentire's Dark Web Monitoring service.


Navigate Through the Dark Web with 24/7 Monitoring and Rapid Detection

If your sensitive data is exposed on the Dark Web, rapid detection is critical. However, manually analyzing the Dark Web continuously is a time-consuming task that many in-house security teams struggle to take on. In addition, your security team may not have the experience and expertise necessary to identify subtle patterns within conversations that may provide early indicators of a potential cyberattack.

You need a partner that goes beyond alerting to bring context to the Dark Web in order to identify your vulnerabilities, prioritize, and address key areas of risk, and build resilience against future cyberattacks.


24/7 Monitoring across the Dark Web

Identifying early indicators of compromise (IOCs) and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) that threat actors rely on to conduct sophisticated cyberattacks

Providing additional contextual awareness into known and unknown threat actor groups for deeper threat investigations

Observing forum discussions and recognizing communications patterns used within threat actor conversations

Using threat intelligence to build a timeline to inform threat response actions

What You Can Expect from eSentire’s Dark Web Monitoring Services

Protect your brand, executive team, employees, and your sensitive corporate data across the Dark Web

Correlate and predict threat actor moves to extend visibility into early Indicators of Compromise

Extend your team with our industry-leading eSentire Threat Response Unit (TRU)


Protect your brand, executive team, employees, and your sensitive corporate data across the Dark Web


Get continuous monitoring and broad visibility into the Dark Web to protect your executives, employees, and customers' sensitive data before it's used maliciously by threat actors.

We collect data from a wide range of sources including content from limited-access Deep Web & Dark Web forums, cybercrime marketplaces, invite-only messaging groups, code repositories, paste sites, and clear web platforms. We enrich them with context for our SOC teams to act on.


Correlate and predict threat actor moves to extend visibility into early Indicators of Compromise


Actively monitor Dark Web forums and channels to identify early indications of potential attacks, such as discussions about new malware, exploits, or stolen data.

eSentire MDR customers also gain contextual awareness into threat investigations that go beyond multi-signal telemetry, providing visibility into threat actor TTPs in the Dark Web.


Extend your team with our industry-leading eSentire Threat Response Unit (TRU)


Go beyond simple alerting and guided remediation actions with the support of eSentire’s Threat Response Unit (TRU), a team of industry experts that has actively collaborated with law enforcement agencies to hunt and shut down well-known cybercriminals and ransomware gangs.

Unlike other Dark Web threat intelligence vendors, we leverage threat intelligence gathered from the Dark Web to take actual response actions, disrupt cyberattacks, and put our customers ahead of disruption.


Additional Dark Web Service Benefits Include:

24/7 Monitoring
of Dark Web Activity

Track key forensic evidence such as leaked credentials, cybercriminal activity, and second stage ransomware attacks by gaining access to external threat intelligence.

Correlated Internal Deep Forensic Investigations

Get stronger correlation of external and internal risk indicators for better context into the potential cyber threat.

Alerting and Investigation of
Security Incidents

Get actionable recommendations for new activity appearing on the Dark Web, social media platforms, or other malicious sources. If a breach-related security alert is generated, we also provide contextual awareness to our 24/7 SOC Cyber Analysts and complete support until the threat is resolved.

Extensive Resources from the Deep,
Dark, and Clear Web

Gain access into the Deep Web & Dark Web forums, illicit underground cybercrime marketplaces, invite-only instant messaging groups (e.g., Telegram, Discord, QQ, etc.), code repositories, paste sites, clear web sources, and an indexed, searchable archive of historical data from as early as the 1990s.


Get comprehensive quarterly reporting on findings with tactical recommendations.

Engage with an eSentire Expert

Stay ahead of the latest threat trends on the Dark Web and the evolving attacker TTPs to make informed decisions about your security strategy.

Integrate eSentire Dark Web Monitoring
Services with MDR

While eSentire's Managed Detection and Response services continuously monitor and respond to potential threats in your environment 24/7, our Dark Web Monitoring services go beyond your environment to monitor for potential threats and alert you on the earliest indicators of risk. This allows us to correlate your business's internal security context with our deep and dark web threat intelligence which informs our Elite Threat Hunters on what to look for, enabling them to conduct proactive threat hunts.

Moreover, eSentire MDR customers can also leverage the eSentire Threat Response Unit (TRU) and the eSentire Cyber Resilience Team for regular reports on relevant Dark Web alerts, get informed on industry-specific risk areas, participate in live TRU threat intelligence briefings, and more.


Why eSentire Dark Web Monitoring Services

eSentire Dark Web Monitoring services extend visibility beyond your on-premises and cloud environments to detect compromised user credentials, corporate sensitive data, and early indicators of potential cyber threats to protect your brand, executive team, and employees.

eSentire Dark Web Monitoring Services

How We Help

  • Enhanced visibility and alerting on compromised credentials, mentions by Initial Access brokers, or discussions of a targeted cyberattack
  • 24/7 monitoring for leaked credentials of your top executives and key personnel
  • Identification of potential phishing campaigns, domain infringement practices, and other malicious activities
  • Proactive monitoring of third-party and supply chain vendors to manage, and reduce, supply chain risk
  • Identification of employees, or other insiders, who are acting with malicious intent to violate security policies or sell their credentials or access on the Dark Web

Your Outcomes

  • Avoid potential financial loss and minimize the impact of a security breach through:
    • Early detection of compromised user credentials
    • Rapid containment of threats by identifying and responding to threats quickly
    • Minimizing unauthorized access into your environment
  • Stay ahead of the latest industry trends by accounting for any credential leaks on the Dark Web, discussion of phishing campaigns, and observing threat actor discussions so you can make informed decisions about your security strategy

eSentire Dark Web Monitoring
Data Sheet

A preview of Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment results that demonstrate the most critical gaps in your security posture and provide recommendations for strengthening your cybersecurity posture with products, such as eSentire Dark Web Monitoring service.


Test Your Cybersecurity Maturity

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Are You Experiencing a Security Incident or Have You Been Breached?

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Security Leaders Count on eSentire

I have enjoyed having the additional security knowledge on my team. I sleep better at night."
David Greene
IT Vice President | CWS Apartment Homes. Inc.

Real Estate Industry

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eSentire provides a better security posture for our organization."
Shahab Kazim
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) | EnCap Investments LP

Finance Industry

En Cap Investments LP black
eSentire is an extension of our security and IT team. From the Customer Success Managers, Advanced Services Specialists all the way up to the Executive Management Team, we've seen endless value, tremendous customer support, quality and expertise. eSentire does a wonderful job of making sure we are wholly satisfied with the value we are seeing from their offerings."
Caili Preston
Information Security | Texas United Management

Manufacturing Industry

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