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Digital forensics and incident response GLOSSARY

What is an incident response retainer?

An incident response retainer consists of established terms and conditions for incident response services made between cybersecurity providers and their clients. These term agreements guarantee that security services are provided to clients when they face a security breach and that threats will be contained.

Incident response retainers provide specialists who offer incident response preparation, planning, and tools to help with cybersecurity incidents.

eSentire Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Be ready for the worst-case scenario with the world’s fastest threat suppression. When you’ve been breached, every second counts so we provide 4-hour threat suppression, remotely, anywhere in the world with our On-Demand 24/7 Incident Response Retainer. Our DFIR services are also available as Emergency Incident Response support.

Learn how eSentire Multi-Signal Managed Detection and Response stops threats before they impact your business.