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Digital forensics and incident response GLOSSARY

What is incident response vs. incident remediation?

Incident response is the process by which an organization responds to a cyberattack. When a threat is detected, security experts contain it so that it does not spread and cause more damage or operational disruptions.

Incident remediation is the final stages of an incident response process where the impacts of a cyberattack are reversed or stopped. This process consists of anything from password resets, data recovery, and gathering information or evidence of the cyberattack.

eSentire Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Be ready for the worst-case scenario with the world’s fastest threat suppression. When you’ve been breached, every second counts so we provide 4-hour threat suppression, remotely, anywhere in the world with our On-Demand 24/7 Incident Response Retainer. Our DFIR services are also available as Emergency Incident Response support.

Learn how eSentire Multi-Signal Managed Detection and Response stops threats before they impact your business.