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Emergency Incident Response Service

When an incident happens, every second counts. The speed of response is crucial to limiting business disruption, reducing costs, and recovering from reputational damage. Unfortunately, most organizations will lose valuable time in the first days of the incident identifying, evaluating, and securing the appropriate resources required for effective incident response.

eSentire’s Emergency Incident Response service rapidly responds and contains active threats within hours, accelerating your return to normal business operations. Through a combination of best-in-class digital forensics technology and our Cyber Security Investigations (CSI) team, we provide end-to-end incident lifecycle support.

We prioritize rapid deployment to stop the attack, contain threats and determine the full extent of the breach. After the incident, our experts support your recovery by assisting you with stakeholder reporting and strengthening security gaps through the implementation of lessons learned.

Download the data sheet to learn how to quickly bring control and stability to the situation, if a breach should occur.

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