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Downtime Revenue Disruption: Reducing The Most Costly Aspect of a Ransomware Attack On-Demand

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Downtime from a ransomware attack can cost organizations upwards of $225,000 per day, which can drive many CEOs to pay the ransom.

Since successful cyberattacks can unfold in hours, the time to detect and time to contain are critical factors in reducing downtime revenue disruption and building an effective cybersecurity program.

In this breakout session, presented at the National Association of Manufacturing (NAM) Leading Edge Cybersecurity Forum, Larry Gagnon, SVP Incident Response at eSentire will share:

  • The risks associated with relying on traditional Incident Response Plans or Tabletop Exercises and the importance of adopting pre-breach deployment response tools
  • A case study on an auto parts manufacturer
  • Typical ransomware attack progression and why Incident Response is a key component of preparing for potential litigation
  • Effective IR planning and preparation including why time to value is the most critical consideration in building your response
  • Recommendations for your organization on how to build cyber resiliency and actions to minimize downtime due to a cybersecurity breach

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