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Cybersecurity Toolkit for Small to Medium-Sized Manufacturers

Why Do You Need a Cybersecurity Toolkit?

Headline-grabbing breaches and shutdowns have put manufacturers of all sizes on notice that everyone is vulnerable and no one—no matter how small or large—escapes the interest of cyberattackers.

Cybersecurity toolkits specifically for manufacturers can be hard to find. Created in partnership with the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), this cybersecurity toolkit draws upon proven frameworks from a manufacturing perspective. Unlike other cybersecurity toolkits, we provide an accessible and actionable utility that manufacturers of all sizes can use to quickly and effectively level-up their security posture and ensure cybersecurity fundamentals are in place. 

The manufacturing industry benefits when all businesses strengthen their cybersecurity measures, and our hope is that small and medium-sized businesses can use this cybersecurity toolkit to improve their security posture against growing and rapidly changing cyber threats.

Download the cybersecurity toolkit for manufacturers to find out how to protect your business and people.

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