Captures & Monitors All Activity

Continuously monitors, records, centralizes and retains activity for every endpoint in your organization.

Detects & Scopes Cyber-attacks

Detects unknown attacks leveraging attack patterns and behavioral analytics, not simplistic signatures or IOCs.

Hunts Threats in Near Real Time

Allows eSentire SOC analysts to hunt for known and unknown threats using advanced threat intelligence and behavioral analytics.

Prevents Attacks from Spreading

Allows eSentire SOC analysts to lock down and isolate compromised endpoints to prevent the lateral spread of attacks.

Managed by 24x7 Security Operations Centers

Detects, isolates and responds to threat attacks in near real time with always-on 24x7 service.

Broad, Lightweight Device & System Support

Secures Mac, Linux and Windows devices for local and remote users with no performance impact to the endpoints.

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