When every security company says the same thing, how do you separate fact from fiction?

The time has come to expose the legacy approaches disguised as Managed Detection and Response.

eSentire MDR:

Contains attacks within 20 minutes on your behalf stopping breaches in real time

Fake MDR:

Crushes you with alerts and leaves you to contain threats on your own

Quickly weed out the pretenders with these simple questions:

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Does your SOC actively RESPOND by stopping breaches in minutes? (Hint: automated blocking of known threats doesn’t count.)

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If I call your SOC will a trained security expert answer the phone first, even if it’s 2 a.m. on Saturday?

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How do you detect and RESPOND to threats that evade a SIEM?

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How do you detect and RESPOND to threats that evade endpoint agents?

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Can you show me how your platform has stopped zero-day threats and learns across your customer base to extend protection in seconds to every customer with each new detection?

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Specifically, how often does your AI detect threats hidden in telemetry data to identify sophisticated attacks such as nation state campaigns?

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Can you quantify how often your MDR threat intelligence identifies malicious activity before commercial and open source threat feeds identify that activity?

Learn how to better evaluate “fact vs. fiction” claims with this detailed Q&A guide.

Delivering real MDR requires the ability to:

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Consume the explosive growth of telemetry and event data from critical signal sources

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Use event data to identify attacks by removing false positives without missing hidden threats

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Equip expert threat hunters with the tools to investigate sophisticated attacks, provide an understanding of the customer and stop breaches

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Continuously develop novel detections, gain learnings from every investigation and provide top security talent

See it for yourself

Choose the most trusted name in Managed Detection and Response

We’re not an MSSP that just started claiming MDR. We’re the category creator with the depth, breadth and customer trust that comes from over a decade of proven success. Here’s why we’re the world’s leader in MDR.

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Real RESPONSE = Stopping breaches

  • Average 35 seconds to respond
  • 20 minutes to contain
  • 1M+ active threat responses per day
  • Highest efficacy platform + people on guard against threats around-the-clock
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Tenured SOC analysts and Threat Response team

  • Six-point methodology to develop and retain skilled cybersecurity professionals
  • Threat hunters respond to and contain threats in customers’ environments on average once every two minutes
  • Three-year+ average tenure for members of our elite SOC team
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Superior customer success

  • Named account manager for each customer
  • 116% net customer retention rate
  • 72 Net Promoter Score
  • 97% of customers say they have an overall improved security posture
  • 98% of customers say they are better protected from business disruption
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Patented MDR technology

  • Four AI patents with two more pending
  • AI models applied to real-time data streaming of each customer's endpoint telemetry result in average 1,100+ threat investigations that endpoint alone can't detect
  • Patented network technology enables SOC analysts to respond to threats by isolating and containing malicious network traffic
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Cloud-native platform, eSentire Atlas

  • Elastically scales in real-time to handle 10x data ingestion volume spikes across cloud and on-premises ecosystems
  • Delivers best-of-breed technologies and highest efficacy MDR
  • Orchestration and automation stops threats that avoid firewalls and antivirus once per minute for each customer

Ready to get started? We're here to help.

Stopping known threats is what you expect your MSSP to do. Hunting and containing elusive threats is what we do … better than anyone else. Let’s talk.

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