eSentire Managed Detection and Response™ started with a singular idea:
Detect and respond to threats that other technologies miss.

Our SOC analysts leverage a proprietary technology stack that provides a single pane of glass for unparalleled threat visibility into a client’s network. This facilitates deep forensic investigation utilizing full packet capture (PCAP) to identify not only known threats, but suspicious activity so security events are resolved in minutes, not hours or days.

Finding Signals in the Noise

Our fully-integrated SOC stack is designed to detect not only known threats but the unknown threats hiding in the “grey”, and not typically seen by traditional security measures.

Our ability to ingest from network, endpoint and cloud sources and then enrich and correlate that data in near real-time enables our analysts to quickly kill, quarantine and isolate threats on your behalf within minutes.

Actionable Response

Analysts look into the forensic data around an event and turn it into something understandable at a human level. Beyond performing continuous disruption and isolation of threats on the network and endpoint, we ensure every notification from our security service is contextualized and actionable before we escalate to our clients.

The Human Advantage

Technology can do a lot of heavy lifting, sifting and candidate signal generation, but humans are uniquely capable of knowing whether something is “weird good” or “weird bad.” And more importantly, they know what question to ask next. 

Unlike traditional cybersecurity technologies like anti-virus and firewalls, eSentire SOC analysts look for threats, rather than waiting on technology to send an alert. When an analyst sees something “weird”, they can apply logic and intuition combined with historical data and threat intelligence to decide what to do about it – something that technology cannot do on its own. This human analysis is essential in detecting unknown threats earlier, stopping cyber-attackers in their tracks.

An Extension of Your Team

Our analysts are designed to become an extension of your team.You can rest assured that when you reach out to the SOC, you’ll receive a detailed response explaining actions analysts took to remediate the threat on your behalf, and any action you need to take. We’re with you every step of the way to ensure threats are eradicated.

Every Second Counts

35 seconds

Average time to intitial response.

10.5 minutes

Average time to resolve.

20 minutes

Average SLO to remediation.

Real 24x7 Network Monitoring

Analysts actively and continually investigating, blocking and mitigating threats on the network and endpoint around the clock.

Elite Expertise

Support from trained security experts with extensive experience in threat management and incident response.

Forensic Investigation Using Advanced Technology

Fully integrated full packet inspection, traffic and sandboxing tools to weed out the false positives and find the real threats in real-time.

Full Remediation Support

Beyond just alerting and guidance, our analysts will help you return to a known state of good without major disruption to your business.

White-glove Client Service

24x7 phone or email access, with no limits on number of interactions or inquiries.

We consider the SOC an extension of our team... When we have questions around any alerts we receive, we feel confident that within minutes of reaching out to the SOC we’ll get a lengthy response explaining the tools and actions we need to take to remediate a threat. When speaking to SOC analysts, we feel like we’re dealing with on-site team members; the SOC is an incredible resource, one that we use often enough that it’s become our default.

Eric Feldman, Chief Information Officer, THE RIVERSIDE COMPANY

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