Unknown Threat Detection

Security analysts investigate, detect and respond to never-before-seen attacks using advanced anomaly detection and behavioral analytics.

Known-Threat Prevention

Real-time blocking of signature-based threats, including phishing, malware and botnets using thousands of rules in 40+ threat categories.

Full Packet Capture

Always-on full traffic capture including SSL decryption to support best-in-class forensic investigations.

Custom Rules and Policies

Highly-customizable rules and policies, including executable whitelists, geo-IP and access-blocking for specific sites.

Global Threat Intelligence

Up-to-the-minute threat protection from multiple world-renowned threat intelligence feeds.

Targeted Retrospection

Security analysts “travel back in time” to assess if a newly-discovered breach had any damaging impact on the network in the past.

eSentire Managed Detection and Response
esLOG™ is the first and only MDR logging and event management service that supports real-time threat detection and response across your network, endpoints and cloud services.
esENDPOINT™ powered by Carbon Black™ eliminates endpoint blind spots, providing next-gen endpoint protection and threat detection so eSentire SOC analysts can hunt, investigate and contain attacks before they disrupt your business.
As the primary sensor for eSentire Managed Detection and Response, esNETWORK uses advanced behavior-based anomaly detection and attack pattern analysis to detect threats that have bypassed all other security controls.
Unmatched Purpose-built Technology
Built over 15 years, esARTEMIS™ is a fully-integrated platform with deep threat visibility, investigation and response tools.
Security Operations Center
Our 24x7 Security Operations Centers provide white-glove security service, combining the most comprehensive signal ingestion, enrichment and threat investigation across your network, endpoints and cloud sources.

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