Log Management

Collects and aggregates raw logs from various heterogeneous on-premise and select cloud sources, allowing eSentire SOC analysts to analyze from multiple sources.

Log Usage

Collects raw log data from networks, endpoints, cloud and applications, allowing eSentire SOC analysts to investigate and respond to threats.

Log Archiving

Archives all raw log data, giving eSentire SOC analysts the ability to conduct log forensic investigations, drill down into log details and assist with root cause analysis on any security incident.

Application Security Monitoring

eSentire SOC analysts monitor end-user and critical business applications for suspicious use and behavior.

Security Monitoring

Allows eSentire SOC Analysts to monitor the activities of our clients’ users with privileged rights to proactively detect for data and system misuse.


Provides out-of-the-box and custom security reports to help customers meet requirements for security reporting.

eSentire Managed Detection and Response
Unmatched Purpose-built Technology
Built over 15 years, esARTEMIS™ is a fully-integrated platform with deep threat visibility, investigation and response tools.

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