Why is the Endpoint a Risk to Enterprise Security?

Employees pose the greatest risk to endpoint security.

According to the 2016 State of the Endpoint Report, surveyed respondents suggest that negligent and/or careless employees account for 81% of the endpoint risk facing their organizations. Endpoint threats themselves are becoming far more sophisticated. Ransomware, which is commonly malware based, is one of the fastest growing threat vectors targeting the endpoint. This year alone, ransomware attacks have spiked significantly, successfully impacting organizations of all sizes, in every industry. Locky, Zepto and Samas are just a few of the dominate ransomware variants that continue to target small and midsize enterprise networks.

Traditional Endpoint Security is Failing.

Antivirus and scanning technologies alone can't keep pace with evolving cyber threats, leaving you blind and vulnerable to sophisticated attacker behavior. Once inside, the race is on to discover where adversaries are dwelling and contain them before potentially devastating losses occur. Without visibility to the endpoint, you lose valuable time - when every second counts.

Technology Alone Isn't Enough to Protect Against Today's Zero Day Threats.

Mid-sized firms with stretched IT resources face the challenge of trying to manage copious amounts of alerts generated from outdated endpoint protection solutions, often without real visibility to whether a breach has occurred. Today's advanced threats require skilled security experts to detect, analyze, interpret and respond to critical events.

Whether large or small, the truth facing all businesses is that technology simply isn't enough to guard against today's sophisticated attack vectors.

Regardless of how many layers of traditional technology (IPS/IDS, SIEM, anti-virus systems etc.) organizations deploy, attackers can and will find new ways into your network.

Learn more about the threat vectors impacting small and midsize enterprise in the 2016 Cyber Threat Study by eSentire

Complete Endpoint Protection Against Advanced Cyber Threats

Introducing eSentire Endpoint Managed Detection and Response
powered by Carbon Black

eSentire's Endpoint Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service provides the most complete protection against advanced cyberattacks that target endpoints and servers, 24x7. Leveraging leading endpoint technology from Carbon Black, our expert security analysts continuously monitor, hunt, detect, isolate and respond to never-before-seen endpoint threats, stopping cybercriminals in their tracks.

Captures & Monitors All Activity

Continuously monitors, records, centralizes and retains activity from every endpoint in your organization.

Detects and Scopes Cyber Attacks in Seconds

Quickly understands the root cause and scope of a cyber attack or potential breach.

Hunts Threats in Real-Time

Hunts for known and unknown threats using advanced threat intelligence and behavioral analysis.

Responds and Communicates

Upon detection and isolation of malicious activity, your security team will be notified.

Managed by our 24x7 Security Operations Centers

Fully monitored, maintained, managed and delivered as a service, Endpoint MDR keeps you focused on your business, instead of managing cybersecurity.

Broad, Lightweight Device and System Support

Secures Mac, Linux and Windows devices for local and remote users, with no load or impact to endpoints.

Unparalleled Threat Detection and Response from a Next-Gen Endpoint Security Solution

Maximize Visibility of Hidden Cyber Threats

eSentire eliminates the endpoint blind spot and detects threats quickly, continuously recording all endpoint activity to aid in forensic investigations and incident response. Avoid a large scale breach by quickly discovering if endpoints have been compromised, and decrease the dwell time of unseen threats.

Keep Your Devices and Your Network Secure

Endpoint MDR meticulously tracks and records endpoint activity in your network, and when coupled with our extensive cyber threat intelligence network, allows our elite team of cybersecurity analysts to hunt for malicious behavior and stop cyber attacks like zero day or ransomware before they threaten your network.

Minimize Costs and Complexity

We do the work for you and act as an extension of your team, leveraging our expert cybersecurity analysts to simplify security management and minimize costs. With Endpoint MDR, you can the reduce time and effort spent on costly incident response and mitigate risks posed through potential losses.

Small and mid-sized organizations and their networks are regularly targeted by rudimentary attack vectors that bypass perimeter defenses.

Learn how Endpoint MDR can protect your organization from today's rising endpoint cyber threats.

Webinar: Protecting the Endpoint, Today’s Leading Cybercrime Target

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