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eSentire Threat Response Unit (TRU)


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Stay ahead of sophisticated known and unknown cyber threats with proactive threat intelligence, original threat research, and a world-class team of seasoned industry veterans

Prepare and react to emerging, unknown threats

TRU continuously monitors the threat landscape, publishes regular threat advisories, security bulletins, and threat intelligence reports, and conducts proactive real-time threat hunts so you can stay ahead of the latest emerging threats and prevent business disruption.

Harden your toolkit with novel detection rules and advanced machine learning (ML) models

As an integral part of the eSentire MDR service, TRU constantly builds and updates new detection rules and ML models across our eSentire XDR platform. These detections are further strengthened by robust investigative runbooks to support our SOC Cyber Analysts in their investigation and containment actions – on your behalf.

Go into battle with a team of industry veterans with real-world experience

TRU has discovered dangerous threats and nation-state attacks, such as the Kaseya MSP breach and uncovered the identities of hackers behind the malicious more_eggs malware, and more. TRU acts as an extension of your team so you can do more with less.

With a 95% employee retention rate, TRU consists of highly certified, seasoned industry veterans who regularly hold interactive threat briefings, share their expertise with industry publications, and have proven to be trusted sources for global law enforcement agencies to track down cybercriminals.

Your Challenges

As cyber threats rise in number and complexity, security leaders are grappling with the pressure of doing more with less while trying to keep up with the threat landscape. Unfortunately, many in-house security teams don't have the bandwidth or expertise to perform proactive threat hunting, conduct original threat research, develop, or deploy new detection rules to strengthen their cyber defense strategy. In addition, security leaders are also looking for actionable intelligence to protect their critical systems, applications, and data assets to further their defensive strategies against industry-specific threats.

Modern threat response requires the ability to collect unstructured data from disparate sources associated with attacker tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) and operationalize global protections – all in a timely manner. While security tools that leverage automation may be sufficient at containing, and remediating most low-severity threats, manual human intervention will be required to defend your organization from sophisticated threats.

Therefore, you need access to a team of industry-renowned experts with real-world experience who are battle-tested to protect you against the most advanced cyber threats.

Introducing the eSentire Threat Response Unit (TRU)

The eSentire Threat Response Unit (TRU) is an industry-leading threat research team that is committed to helping your organization become more resilient. By providing complete visibility across your attack surface and performing global threat sweeps and proactive hypothesis-driven threat hunts augmented by original threat research, we are laser-focused on defending your organization against known and unknown threats.

We prioritize creating and updating our detection rules and ML models regularly, so your security posture is hardened against the evolving threat landscape. Our content development is built upon the MITRE ATT&CK Framework and is constantly fine-tuned for efficacy to reduce false positives.

With TRU by your side, you can rest easy knowing that you’re protected by a team of seasoned industry veterans and an MDR provider that law enforcement agencies rely on to identify threat actors and collaborate on threat intelligence.

A logo of eSentire Threat Response Unit (TRU) – an industry-leading threat hunting and threat intelligence team that is committed to helping your organization become more resilient.

How TRU Proactively Protects Your Organization

By leveraging contextualized human-driven threat intelligence, original content on emerging threats, 24/7 availability of Elite Threat Hunters, and advanced analytics based on the latest TTPs, TRU is committed to delivering the strongest MDR offering from eSentire.

eSentire's Threat Response Unit (TRU) is foundational to our MDR service – no add-ons or additional costs required. You benefit from:

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