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Threat Dissection: Emotet

What is Emotet Trojan? 

Emotet is a modular Trojan, allowing its creators/operators to easily change out components and functionality. By employing frequent updates, Emotet stays one step ahead of signature-based antivirus products. Emotet tactics include emails that are designed to mimic legitimate emails coming from known users to trick recipients into clicking on the malicious files that emulate shipping notifications or “past due” invoices. Once downloaded, Emotet establishes persistence and attempts to propagate the local networks through incorporated spreader modules.

Emotet is an ever-present threat, and due to its polymorphic and modular nature it often evades typical signature-based detection. The eSentire SOC primarily detects and stops Emotet attacks using Managed Detection and Response (MDR) capabilities.

Read the Emotet Threat Dissection for more information on Emotet and to learn how eSentire MDR for Endpoint can prevent, detect and contain Emotet.

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