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Webinar | Jun 20, 2019

The Evolving Global Threat Landscape

The evolving global threat landscape

No matter the size, every organization is a target for cybercriminals. Using a range of methods, they can compromise a network and cause significant financial and reputational damage with alarming ease.

The disparity of services across providers can lead to confusion in the market and, ultimately, heightened risk for potential clients. As the definition continues to evolve, we believe what distinguishes a true Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provider from those that just claim to be are key detection and response capabilities.

Join eSentire and Convergent for a live discussion on Managed Detection and Response to learn:

  • What makes Managed Detection and Response different
  • Why traditional antivirus is failing to detect evolving cyber threats
  • How eSentire MDR can help you prevent advanced threats and identify threats in minutes, not months
The evolving global threat landscape