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Understanding Why Multi-Signal MDR Matters

MDR providers can only detect and respond to what they can see. A multi-signal approach is paramount to protecting your complete attack surface.

You’re fighting a losing battle to keep up with your business requirements and the growing cyberattack surface. Traditional security controls and MSSPs are no longer a match for modern cyber threats which is why the MDR category emerged. While most Managed Detection and Response vendors claim to deliver complete protection, the fact is many provide limited signal visibility and response, leaving you unprotected against critical parts of the attack surface. For example, one of the most popular subcategories of MDR, Managed Endpoint Detection and Response, provides coverage at the host level (endpoint) while leaving the perimeter, user, application and data layer without critical visibility and response capabilities. Managed Detection and Response providers can’t detect and respond to what they don’t see. Learn more about why multi-signal MDR matters and why it is paramount to protecting your business. After reading this guide, you will understand:

  • Why MSSPs can’t meet growing business requirements
  • Why you might not be protected with every MDR provider
  • What a multi-signal MDR approach is
  • How eSentire provides multi-signal MDR

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