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Hunt and Isolate Endpoint Threats Fast, Before They Spread

eSentire MDR for Endpoint goes beyond traditional managed endpoint protection. We safeguard your endpoints 24/7 by uncovering, isolating and remediating threats to prevent lateral spread.


24/7 Endpoint Protection

Today's endpoints are located across vast physical and digital environments, making traditional, point-solution endpoint approaches incomplete. Our comprehensive, multi-signal MDR service provides advanced endpoint protection no matter where your users or data reside with 24/7 threat hunting, deep investigation and complete threat response. Our Cyber Resilience Team acts as an extension of your team to determine the root cause, isolate compromised endpoints, and remediate threats, preventing business disruption.

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Prevent Known Attacks


We identify suspicious behavior using predictive threat modeling to automatically block known, new, and fileless cyberattacks.


Detect Unknown, Elusive Attacks


Our Threat Response Unit (TRU) investigates and correlates anomalous behavior detected to create advanced machine-learning models and novel detection rules to help you stay ahead of cyber threats.


Respond To and Remediate Threats


When a threat bypasses your controls, our 24/7 Elite Threat Hunters will take action on your behalf to contain and remediate compromised endpoints, minimizing disruption to your business.


Build Resilience Against Future Attacks


We help you anticipate, withstand, and recover from critical cyber threats by determining the root cause of the incident and eradicating threat actor presence. As a result, your endpoints become resilient to even the most advanced cyberattacks.

Prevent Known Attacks

Detect Unknown, Elusive Attacks

Respond To and Remediate Threats

Build Resilience Against Future Attacks

How MDR for Endpoint Helps

eSentire MDR for Endpoint protects your assets 24/7 no matter where your users or data reside. We combine elite threat hunting expertise with best-of-breed endpoint threat prevention and endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities to eliminate blind spots, detect, and stop threats such as:

We go beyond standard MDR providers to provide complete endpoint response and remediation.

Preventing infected endpoints from spreading to other machines

Isolating ransomware, data exfiltration and hands-on keyboard attackers

Quarantining malicious files and terminating processes

Stopping/removing service and registry keys

Conducting system reboots

Managed Detection and Response for Endpoint

How We Help

  • Endpoint protection regardless of whether your users and data reside in the cloud, mobile, virtual or physical environments
  • Automated blocking preventing known, unknown and fileless attacks
  • Rapid human-led investigations
  • Remote managed containment to lock down and isolate threat actors on your behalf, preventing lateral spread
  • Remediation of infected endpoints to bring them back to full production

Your Outcomes

  • Optimized and hardened state of endpoint defense
  • Elimination of your physical and virtual endpoint blind spots
  • Reduced attacker dwell time
  • Mitigation of potential disruption to your business
  • Satisfaction of your compliance requirements
  • Minimized incident recovery timeframe

We Own The R in MDR

Not all MDR is created equal. Learn more about the Response and Remediation you can expect from eSentire endpoint detection and response services.

Cost-Effective Endpoint Protection and Flexible Bring Your Own License Options

Get Proactive, Prevention-First Endpoint Protection with the eSentire Agent

The eSentire MDR Agent offers a cost-effective prevention-first approach to stop ransomware and malware attacks using proprietary deep learning technology with incredible efficacy. It delivers incredible cybersecurity value with complete flexibility as part of our value-rich, full-service bundles for small and medium-sized businesses.


Our Best-of-Breed Ecosystem of Technology Partners

We also offer a flexible best-of-breed MDR approach that means we partner with leaders in endpoint, SIEM, cloud and vulnerability management including CrowdStrike, Microsoft, Sentinel One, VMWare Carbon Black, Sumo Logic, and Tenable. We can easily maximize your existing investment in security tools through our bring your own license or subscription (BYOL/ BYOS) services to support even more cost-efficient options to meet cyber insurance requirements.

Crowdstrike Logo


eSentire is an elite CrowdStrike Powered Service Provider and was selected as CrowdStrike’s 2023 Global MSSP Partner of the Year. We have also been certified as a partner of choice by CrowdStrike, delivering differentiated MXDR offerings built on the CrowdStrike Falcon platform®.

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eSentire is a Microsoft Security Solutions Partner, designated MXDR Partner and Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) member.

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Learn more about our expanding partnership with SentinelOne.

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VMWare Carbon Black

Read our joint research with VMware Carbon Black on hunting and discovering zero-day threats.

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Endpoint Detection and Response Engineering Driven By Industry Experts

We go beyond other MDR providers by developing custom detection engineering based on our threat intelligence, novel detection rules, and proprietary machine learning models that hunt and respond to endpoint threats.

eSentire's Threat Response Unit (TRU) delivers counter-threat research and proprietary content to stay ahead of attackers targeting endpoints. TRU builds proprietary detectors for IOCs and TTPs mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework, helping you build cyber resilience and stay ahead of the latest threats.

Read the latest Threat Advisories from eSentire TRU →

Machine Learning Innovation:

eSentire feeds your endpoint telemetry through our BlueSteel engine. Advanced analytics and machine learning are then used to identify signs of malicious activity. We leverage BlueSteel to continuously enhance our endpoint detection and response capabilities and empower our Elite Threat Hunters to disrupt, contain, and remediate endpoint threats.

See BlueSteel in Action Against PowerShell

Developed by the Threat Response Unit

TRU Logo

Following initial intrusion, many attackers pivot to PowerShell as a means to advance their objectives. Attackers can easily hide malicious commands within a PowerShell script that otherwise appears harmless. So following initial intrusion, many attackers pivot to PowerShell as a means to advance their objectives Using this technique, attackers can evade detection from endpoint protection technologies.

To solve this problem, eSentire's TRU team created a proprietary application called BlueSteel, which analyzes all PowerShell commands from customer endpoints and classifies them as either malicious or benign. The BlueSteel technique is similar to SPAM classification, utilizing frequency analysis with terms and characters to differentiate between good and bad. The goal is to increase the accuracy of PowerShell threat detection beyond what endpoint protection provides using machine learning.

As PowerShell attacks continue to be leveraged by attackers, BlueSteel continues to learn and enhance its threat detection capabilities. Combining advanced machine learning models with elite threat hunting, eSentire MDR ensures you can anticipate and withstand Powershell attacks.


eSentire vs. Other Managed Endpoint Providers

24/7 continuous monitoring, recording and centralizing of activity
Prevention of known attacks
Alerting of confirmed threats and suspicious behavior
Tactical threat containment on customer's behalf via host isolation to stop lateral spread Varies
Active threat hunting Limited
Continuous management, tuning and refinement of detection platform Varies
Root cause determination Varies
Detection of unknown attacks using machine learning and advanced analytics Limited
Remediation Limited

Security Leaders Count on eSentire

A logo of eSentire’s customer, M&C Saatchi, placed alongside with a testimonial from the company’s Chief Information Officer, who describes how eSentire stands out from other MDR service providers.
We have been leveraging the Atlas platform for some time now and were pleased to see how easy it was to add endpoint protection to the suite of services we receive through the platform. It required very little work from our IT team and provides an additional layer of peace of mind in today’s uncertain environment."
Neil Waugh
Chief Information Officer | M&C Saatchi
Gtbank greyscale logo
The alerts and recommendations provided by the eSentire SOC team put us in a much better position to defend ourselves against attacks."
Felix Adesola
Chief Information Officer | GTBank UK
A logo of HKS Architects, who leverage eSentire SOC-as-a-Service and the expertise 24/7 SOC Team to defend against cyber threats.
Every time we call the eSentire SOC, we get a true security analyst on the first touch to walk us through our incidents clearly and efficiently. No other provider delivers such personalized service and expertise. Leveraging the eSentire Atlas platform, in conjunction with access to their sophisticated threat intelligence team, we have been able to cut our incident time to resolution in half."
Michael Smith
Vice President, Director of Information Technology | HKS
Venerable greyscale logo
A big part of why eSentire has shown value to us, in addition to the people, is how far ahead they are from a technology standpoint. eSentire gets ahead of the direction that we’re moving in before we know we’re heading in that direction."
Simon Scully
Assistant Vice President, IT Security - Security Operations | Venerable
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