Key Findings

MDR services are filling the need of organizations of all sizes that lack internal security resources and expertise, and want to expand their investments beyond preventative security technologies to address their detection, response and 24/7 monitoring gaps.

This finding captures what we strive to provide our customers, each and every day. We ensure that no threat goes undetected by looking at every signal to determine if it’s malicious and subsequently containing and remediating it within a matter of minutes, delivering on the promise that our clients’ networks will never be compromised.


Managed EDR is one of the most visible offerings within the market, available from MDR providers, MSSPs and the EDR technology vendors leveraging their own solutions.

Operating on a philosophy that all endpoint activity is potentially malicious, we watch and record all activity leveraging proprietary attack pattern and behavioral analytics, not merely signatures or IOCs. We tactically contain threats on your behalf and co-remediate the threat to minimize business disruption.


Response capabilities are evolving toward faster reactions once a threat is detected. The ability to disrupt and contain threats is becoming a standard offering. However, incident response retainers are still needed when an incident reaches a threshold that requires significant support.

Unlimited embedded incident response is standard in eSentire Managed Detection and Response. Our IR services include forensic investigation, tactical threat containment on the client’s behalf and co-remediation via a customized plan to minimize attacker dwell time and help you return to a state of known good.


Many MSSPs are adding MDR-type services to their portfolios to compete against MDR service providers. This trend will continue over the next 12 months. 

While MSSPs play catch up, they will continue to miss threats and put their clients at risk. What distinguishes a true MDR provider from those that just claim to be are key detection and response capabilities, and that’s what we’ve been delivering to our clients since 2001. We invented MDR and can proudly state that our clients have never experienced a business-disrupting event.