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Webinar | Jun 17, 2020

Examining Cyber Risks for Manufacturers amid COVID-19

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A new socioeconomic shift of how manufacturers work is on the horizon, which means that as the threat landscape evolves, adversaries are changing their approach to adapt. For many, prioritizing crisis management and new ways to conduct business can overshadow the importance of examining how the socioeconomic shift can expose your security vulnerabilities. This can affect the way in which you protect your assets from threat actors in the future.

This new on-demand webinar delivers insights on:

  • Impacts to small and medium manufacturing supply chains and their ability to keep up with an evolving threat landscape in times of chaos
  • External factors that make manufacturers vulnerable to new threats
  • Getting back to the new normal: preparing for the opening of the economy
  • The new normal: remote workers, cloud-based management and distributed workloads


Jacob Helberg, Senior Advisor, Stanford University Cyber Policy Center
Mark Sangster, Vice President and Industry Security Strategist
Catherine Lyle, Head of Claims, Coalition

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