6 cybersecurity practices law firms should follow.

Due diligence is an exercise clients use to assess the cybersecurity practices of different law firms. To build your own cybersecurity policies and practices, we recommend following the six pillars laid out in the American Bar Association's Cybersecurity Handbook. 

These pillars include cybersecurity governance, risk assessments, network protection, detection of unauthorized activity, user training and risk associated with vendors and third-parties. The objective of these pillars is to help you understand your legal obligations, as well as to help you prepare for and respond to security threats in real time. 

Ultimately, the last thing you (and your clients) want is for your law firm to experience a data breach of any kind. For this reason, this handbook should be the foundation for all your law firm's cybersecurity policies and practices. 

In this video, Industry Security Strategist, Mark Sangster provides an overview of the six pillars in the ABA’s Cybersecurity Handbook.