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NO SAFE HARBOR Author Mark Sangster to Present at Upcoming Leading Security Industry Conferences

Award-winning speaker to preview lessons from new book, NO SAFE HARBOR: The Inside Truth About Cybercrime and How to Protect Your Business

October 14, 2020 | 3 MINS READ

WATERLOO, ONTARIO – October 15, 2020 – eSentire, Inc., category creator and world’s largest pure play Managed Detection and Response (MDR) company, announces that NO SAFE HARBOR The Inside Truth About Cybercrime and How to Protect Your Business author Mark Sangster, the company’s vice president and industry security strategist, is slated to speak at a number of high-profile security industry events this month.

Sangster, an award-winning speaker will present on “Five Lessons in Cyber Incidents” at SecTor 2020, Canada’s premier IT Security Education Conference taking place October 21-22. He will also speak to threats to the financial industry at the COO Forum taking place on November 10. And finally, he will give the closing keynote at the Healthcare Managed Security Services Forum scheduled for November 19.

Throughout the presentations, Sangster will share a number of lessons from his new book, NO SAFE HARBOR: The Inside Truth About Cybercrime and How to Protect Your Business. He will pull lessons from real-world incidents and threats to help attendees assemble an actionable cyber resilience framework that adapts to distributed assets, remote workers and virtual workloads. He will explain how the critical decisions made during cyber incidents make the difference between controlled events or business-transforming situations. Additionally, Sangster will provide best practices in making business decisions, determining consequences, and conducting critical communication between security leaders and business leaders during emergencies.

“Often, we can learn more from mistakes, errors, or even disaster than we can from the status quo,” said Sangster. “I hope to offer conference participants valuable, practical approaches to understanding how to make the proper critical decisions during cyber incidents, so they can avoid situations that have the potential to decimate their business.”

Sangster’s new book will be released on October 27. NO SAFE HARBOR: The Inside Truth About Cybercrime and How to Protect Your Business provides a wealth of never-been-told stories about digital crime and how reshaping today’s corporate culture is critical to altering the cybercrime market. In the book, Sangster weaves together real-life criminal cases that illustrate the human complexities behind the scenes that can directly result in an open door to threats. Within a security context, deep social engineering is the newest and biggest means of breaching our systems. Sangster shows readers that, in a world where the notion of truth is evaporating, organizations need to shift the security discussion away from technology gates alone toward a focus on leadership, team behaviors, and mutual support.

“Massive data breaches continue to plague every industry and the insights Mark provides in this book are a wake-up call to companies of all sizes,” said Kerry Bailey, CEO of eSentire. “We are proud of Mark’s work here, as it closely aligns with our principles. In the book, he underscores that most of these events were avoidable if they could have caught them sooner and responded before they became business disrupting.”

NO SAFE HARBOR: The Inside Truth About Cybercrime and How to Protect Your Business is available for pre-order at https://mdr.esentire.com/2020-No-Safe-Harbor and through online retailers Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Indigo.

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eSentire, Inc., founded in 2001, is the category creator and world’s largest Managed Detection and Response (MDR) company, safeguarding businesses of all sizes with the industry-defining, cloud-native Atlas platform that removes blind spots and enables 24x7 threat hunters to contain attacks and stop breaches within minutes. Its threat-driven, customer-focused culture makes the difference in eSentire’s ability to attract the best talent across cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and cloud-native skill sets. Its highly skilled teams work together toward a common goal to deliver the best customer experience and security efficacy in the industry. For more information, visit www.esentire.com and follow @eSentire.

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