Our Approach

Modern threats demand modern solutions

Our cloud-delivered Managed Detection and Response platform utilizes threat intel, customer context, proprietary security knowledge and AI models. The cloud-native Adaptive Threat Fabric ensures new detections for one customer are immediately translated to protection for all customers.

Your best line of defense

The Adaptive Threat Fabric defends your digital business from evolving threats. As we collect data, the fabric customizes to your needs so your cybersecurity defenses reflect the latest intel.

Benefit from what we learn every day

We collect network, endpoint, cloud, log, asset and vulnerability data around-the-clock to harden each customer's defenses.

Tailored for you

The Adaptive Threat Fabric intuitively grows with your security posture and as new threats emerge.

A surgical strike on any risk

Our elite threat hunters are on watch for you every second of every day to respond to and contain threats in minutes.

Our approach to cybersecurity

See how Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and our Adaptive Threat Fabric compares against competitive options and industry challenges.


MDR vs. Everything Else

Learn why eSentire’s MDR is different from Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), Managed SIEM and other MDR services—and why it matters.


Data-driven Use Cases

Tackle common security challenges with informative use cases to guide your success.

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