Critical visibility. Rapid response.

From misconfiguration to malicious activity, esCLOUD provides critical visibility that facilitates rapid detection and response across your cloud environments.

Transform With Confidence

Assess risks, identify gaps and establish measurable benchmarks that support continuous business innovation

Adapt Without Resource Restrictions

Reduce complexity and alleviate resource constraints with dedicated experts

Hunt Threats Without Limitations

Identify expected and unexpected risks with 24x7x365 integrated threat hunting augmented by machine learning capabilities

Respond Wherever Workloads Reside

Contain cyberattackers with precision leveraging integrated response teams that facilitate remediation and root cause determination

Operate with the confidence that eSentire has your dynamic cloud environments secured

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24x7x365 Coverage

Monitors your cloud services around the clock with eSentire’s global Security Operations Centers (SOCs)

Elite Threat Hunting and Response

Minimizes threat actor dwell time with integrated threat hunting that facilitates rapid containment and hardening of your cloud environment against future attack

Critical Insights and Risk Discovery

Automatically identifies assets, misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in real-time facilitating rapid elimination of blind spots before threat actors can capitalize

Advanced Threat Detections

Integrated machine learning layered with proprietary attacker use case libraries correlates disparate cloud information to find threats designed to evade traditional controls

Global Blacklist Integration

Automatically address activity from malicious IPs leveraging eSentire's proprietary blacklist of confirmed global attacker sources, curated by eSentire's global threat team

Infrastructure and Application Protection

Monitors users and traffic for malicious activity across an extensive list of cloud service providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Office 365 and more

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