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Resources to help with your cybersecurity needs

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM). While it may not be the most popular of month-long observances, it’s becoming increasingly important that people and businesses are made aware of the reality of threats to cybersecurity. No one with access to the internet is exempt from the impact of poor cybersecurity practices. That’s why we want to help.

NCSAM is a reminder of the importance of staying on top of the latest attack trends that could impact your business, and the best techniques to help protect your network against attacks. So in honor of this NCSAM, we've gathered our greatest tools and resources to help you catch up. Check them out:

Ransomware eBook

What is ransomware? If you’re attacked, do you have to pay? What happens if you don’t? This ebook not only answers those questions, but also explores why ransomware is so prevalent today and how it is able to infiltrate networks again and again.

Ransomware defense matrix

This resource makes for a great “chapter 2” to the ransomware ebook. Because of the many strains and types of ransomware out there, defending against it requires a broad approach. This matrix identifies multiple facets and actions to take, as deemed appropriate and defensible. It will also help you identify the actions you can take and mechanisms you can employ to defend your organization from attacks.

Ransomware affects every business. Use the ebook and the matrix to prepare yourself for the next time your company is threatened.

Q2 Quarterly Threat Report

Do you know which cyberthreats are most prominent these days? We do! Fortunately, we’d be happy to share our findings with you.

This report provides a quarterly snapshot, analyzing all events investigated by the eSentire security operations center (SOC), while addressing three major topics: threat types, threat volume and attack types. We explain which threats were more prominent this quarter, as well as overall trends throughout the threat landscape. We even look at which time/day of the week you’re most vulnerable.

Are you at risk? Read the threat report to find out.

Cybersecurity for the Business Traveler white paper

The proliferation of sensitive data on mobile electronic devices increases the risk of theft, loss and interception by national, corporate or individual actors. This is a well-known issue for business travelers. Knowing this, we’ve created a document outlining general recommendations for traveling safely with your electronic devices, with specific warnings about North America, Russian and Chinese border security.

These general guidelines will help you protect your laptop computers and/or smartphones, safeguard the information stored on them, and limit liability due to theft or loss. Share this with your travelling employees – it’s not worth the risk!

Cybersecurity Response Matrix

Regulatory bodies are focusing more and more on the cybersecurity stance of companies within their purview. Knowing this, we’ve created a matrix to highlight high-level recommendations regarding your cybersecurity preparedness and compliance obligations.

There are a huge number of different types of cyberthreats these days. When your network is compromised by any one of them, do you know how to respond? Both your clients and regulatory bodies will want you to prove that you do. Use this resource to understand how to detect and respond to the cybersecurity threats affecting your business while meeting your compliance obligations.

Incorporating Hunt Teams white paper

Do you know what a hunt team methodology is? It’s an important cybersecurity practice that can be applied within a business environment to defend against cyberattacks. And we certainly recommend it.

This paper provides an update on the Hunt Team construct. We capture lessons from the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), including insights from a key champion of DoD’s Hunt Teams, retired General Ronnie Hawkins, USAF. We then conclude with actionable information and best practice recommendations any business should consider in their evaluation of Hunt Team options in order to find one that best fits the organization.

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