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eSentire MDR for Insider Threat ceases insider threat within days of deployment

For the financial organization in this incident report, implementation of a solution that specifically focuses on an elusive insider threat scenario became a strategic focus after a peer organization, with a similar security posture, became victim to a malicious insider. The incident ultimately resulted in substantial direct and indirect costs that affected current and future quarterly earnings. Due to the nature of the financial industry the incident required disclosure to authorities, triggering an investigation that resulted in substantial fines, cleanup costs and irreparable reputational brand damage. Knowledge sharing between the peer organization and the CISO of the organization featured in this incident report revealed the details as to how the attack was able to evade existing controls.

After a thorough evaluation of solutions, eSentire MDR for Insider Threat was chosen due to its ability to complement existing controls. MDR for Insider Threat filled a critical gap in ability to process and correlate large amounts of east/west data utilizing machine learning processes and flag potential malicious behaviors without the reliance on signatures or IoCs. Of particular importance to the organization is having the information presented in easy to consume narrative attack visualizations (ThreatCases®) that accelerate investigation and containment timeframes.

Read this report to learn more and see how eSentire MDR for Insider Threat stopped an elusive insider threat.

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