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Detecting and Responding to Zero-Day Attacks: Protecting yourself when patching is not an option

The possibility of a zero day attack will always exist. Learn more about zero-day attack detection and response protection for your organization.

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Through the first four months of 2021 zero-day attack tracking, we’ve seen 18 in-the-wild exploits—on pace to significantly surpass the totals of previous years. As cybercriminals and ransomware attack groups sell and exploit these vulnerabilities, organizations are more vulnerable than ever and fully reliant on their ability to detect and respond to cyber threats.

In this joint cyber threat research report from eSentire’s Threat Intelligence Research Group and VMWare Carbon Black security experts, they share new zero-day attack detection and response research from the front lines of hunting & discovering these vulnerabilities. This zero-day attack detection and response report covers:

  • A look at the most significant vulnerabilities that are impacting the industry right now
  • Key trends our respective threat research teams are seeing from vulnerability, to exploitation, to impact
  • Finally, we share our zero-day attack best practices for information security executives who are leading teams by sharing keys to detecting malicious and anomalous behaviors, looking for indicators of compromise, and how to take the right protective measures.

Download the Detecting and Responding to Zero-Day Attacks report from eSentire and VMWare Carbon Black for more information on zero-day attacks and to learn how to protect your business when patching is not an option. 

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