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The State of Zero-Day Attacks in 2021

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To a skilled adversary, zero-day exploits are the perfect avenue that can be used to launch cyberattacks against their targets. As a result, zero-day attacks have increased significantly in the past year. In fact, Google’s Project Zero research shows a total of 57 zero-day exploits as of November 2021, compared to 25 found in 2020.

Zero-day exploits cannot always be prevented because the software vulnerabilities are identified by the vendor only after the fact. However, through Managed Detection and Response (MDR) the follow-on intrusions can be detected and responded to in a way that minimizes the impact of these cybersecurity incidents.

In our latest zero-day attack threat intelligence report, our Threat Response Unit (TRU) performed a thorough analysis of zero-day vulnerabilities and how they’ve grown in 2021.

Key takeaways include:

  • Identifying the opportunity windows for zero-day attacks
  • Detecting and responding to zero-day exploits
  • Case studies on the ProxyLogon, ProxyShell, and Kaseya VSA zero‑days
  • Recommendations for your in-house IT and cybersecurity team to defend against zero-day exploits

Download the zero-day exploit report to learn more about how eSentire’s MDR can help your organization identify cyber threat actor behaviors and contain post-compromise activity if a zero-day attack occurs.

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