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Defending Rawlings Sporting Goods with eSentire MDR and 24/7 SOC Coverage


In this video, Mark Haubein, VP Information Technology at Rawlings Sporting Goods, discusses how eSentire Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provides comprehensive end-to-end cyber risk management and 24/7 coverage so Rawlings can proactively detect, disrupt, and respond to cyber threats before they impact their business operations.

Company Description: Rawlings Sporting Goods is a sports equipment manufacturing company based in Missouri. Founded in 1887, Rawlings specializes in baseball and softball clothing and equipment.

Industry: Manufacturing, Retail

Security Challenges:

  • Limited resources and budget to staff an in-house 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) and lack of cybersecurity expertise
  • Challenges in attracting and retaining top cybersecurity talent
  • An extensive attack surface with a large volume of signals and attack vectors
  • Inability to keep up with the rapidly evolving threat environment
  • Comprehensive coverage and single-pane-of-glass visibility that scales with their growing business

Service Overview: 24/7 Multi-Signal Managed Detection and Response, Vulnerability Management, Phishing and Security Awareness Training, Incident Response Retainer

The eSentire Difference:

eSentire Multi-Signal Managed Detection and Response (MDR) alleviates internal resource constraints by ingesting and monitoring the entire attack surface 24/7. From training to responding to threats, eSentire cybersecurity experts provide value and help Rawlings stay ahead of cyber threats.

The service benefits outlined by Mark include:

  • Outsourcing SOC operations to eSentire enables Rawlings to have 24/7 multi-signal monitoring and response capabilities.
  • eSentire MDR rapidly responds, investigates and remediates cyber threats, reducing Mean Time to Detect (MTTD).
  • eSentire experts help Rawlings stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape by proactively identifying gaps in their environment and building a resilient security posture.
  • eSentire MDR, Exposure Management, and Digital Forensics and Response services provide comprehensive end-to-end protection.
  • eSentire experts act as an extension of the Rawlings team, freeing up internal resources for other critical business initiatives
  • eSentire provides a cost-effective alternative to running an in-house SOC.
  • eSentire enables business growth with scaleable cybersecurity solutions.

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