Your network is complex. Defending it shouldn’t be.

esNETWORK is a zero-trust, comprehensive network detection and response solution that works in real-time for you.

See What Others Don’t

Complete network visibility using deep packet inspection identifies threats other solutions miss

Finding Expected Threats is Just a Start

Our analytics engine doesn’t stop at detecting expected threats ... it flags the unexpected, too

Expert Threat Hunting and Forensic Analysis

Hunt and confirm threat actor presence with forensic techniques that eliminate false positives

Embedded Containment and Response

Disrupt malicious traffic with rapid response, support and containment until the threat is eliminated

Realize complete network protection with esNETWORK

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Expected Threat Prevention

Real-time blocking of malicious IPs and signature-based threats

Embedded Threat Hunting

Our Security Operations Center analysts investigate unusual signals and confirm malicious intent, eliminating false positives

Custom Rules and Policies

Highly customizable rules and policies that adapt to your unique threat environment

Unexpected Threat Detection

Proprietary attack pattern and behavioral analytics engine alerts analysts to suspicious activity

Tactical Threat Containment

Integrated containment can automatically or manually “kill” TCP connections on your behalf

Global Threat Intelligence

Up-to-the-minute analysis from tried-and-tested threat intelligence feeds

Comprehensive Network Visibility

Always-on full packet capture including SSL decryption that speeds forensic investigation

Co-managed Remediation

SOC analysts provide detailed recommendations and support until the threat is eliminated

24x7 Continuous Monitoring

SOC analysts monitor all network activity around the clock: no reduced coverage, no after-hours beepers

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