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Managed Vulnerability Service

Vulnerability Management

Find your vulnerabilities before they disrupt your business. Account for and fix emerging cracks in your armor with Managed Vulnerability Service.

Vulnerability management challenges

Unpatched vulnerabilities


Of breached organizations said the root cause was an unpatched vulnerability

Overwhelming infrastructure


Of security teams say the volume of software vulnerabilities is overwhelming

Attackers capitalize faster than ever


Decrease in the time window from vulnerability discovery to attack

Ponemon Institute, “Today’s State of Vulnerability Response: Patch Work Demands Attention”,
Tenable/Enterprise strategy group, 2018

How does Managed Vulnerability Service solve these challenges?

Comprehensive vulnerability identification

Identify asset vulnerabilities with precision across traditional and dynamic IT assets for continuous visibility into your expanding business environment

Active risk prioritization and lifecycle tracking

Focus on vulnerabilities that present the greatest potential risk with expert guidance to facilitate remediation prioritization against dangerous exploits

Dedicated expertise driving continuous improvement

Alleviate resource constraints with dedicated experts that provide end-to-end management and platform refinement for greater operational efficiency

Co-managed flexibility with customized reporting

Realize the benefits of a vulnerability management platform without the complexity, complete with full system access and flexibility to run customized scans and reporting

How does it work?


MVS team schedules and executes regular scans of internal and external IT assets

  • Monthly scans of internal assets
  • Weekly scans for external assets

Prioritize and Assess

MVS team analyzes and prioritizes vulnerabilities that present the greatest risk


MVS team prepares and delivers a customized report bundle

Remediate and Verify

MVS team monitors scans for accuracy and provides guidance and recommendations during remediation process

What are your expected outcomes?

Identifies vulnerabilities across dynamic and expanding IT assets

Minimizes the vulnerability discovery to remediation timeframe

Improves scanning consistency and timeliness

Tracks and measures programmatic improvements

Tracks and measures the vulnerability lifecycle

Reduces operational, staffing and resource constraints

Prioritizes remediation against greatest potential business risk

Satisfies regulatory requirements

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Why Managed Vulnerability Service vs other models

DIY Typical Service Provider eSentire
Recruiting, retaining and dedicating knowledgeable IT security staff to manage and analyze scans


Not Required


Sourcing, set-up, platform maintenance
Comprehensive pre-built and customized reporting for various audiences (executive, technical, regulatory)
Ad hoc scanning

Extra Cost

Ongoing vulnerability prioritization contextual to evolving business risk proifile

Extra Cost

Scan accuracy verification and continuous optimization accounting for changing IT environment

Extra Cost

Ongoing threat intelligence communications on emerging vulnerabilities

Extra Cost


The Vulnerable Landscape: Metrics, Insights and Impact for Security Leaders

Understand the probability of exploitation and how to remediate before business disruption.

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